We understand how draining the hustle and bustle of a city can be for a tourist. That’s why we’ve created this guide of the best places to visit to get some space from the crowds.

Whether you want to see London’s best museums, views or parks, we are going to help you see a different side to our beloved city.

The Best Views of London

So, you want to get the perfect view of London and you’re thinking of heading to the Shard or the London Eye, right? WRONG! As amazing as these both are, and you are sure to have an unforgettable experience, there are much cheaper alternatives that will give you an equally picturesque view of London, including:

  • Pauls Cathedral
  • Hampstead Heath
  • Paramount Bar at Centre Point
  • Parliament Hill
  • City Point
  • The Royal Observatory Greenwich

The views from here are stunning and they are cheap or even free!


When you think of London’s museums you think of the Natural History Museum, The Tate Modern, The Science Museum and The British Museum, but these are not the only museums in London.

If you want to avoid the crowds but still experience the culture, then one of these smaller museums will be perfect for you:

  • The Grant Museum of Zoology
  • The Cartoon Museum
  • The RAF Museum
  • The Imperial War Museum
  • London Transport Museum
  • The Canal Museum

There are hundreds of museums to visit throughout London, so it should be easy to find one without a mile long queue and sea of tourists.

London Parks

London is home to hundreds of stunning parks and green spaces, so there is no doubt that you will always be spoilt for choice. Whether you are looking for a quiet place to sit, enjoy a picnic or read a book, London is sure to deliver with hundreds of stunning parks and green spaces to choose from.

We have a soft spot for the ones hidden away near both Clink Hostels, including:

  • Granville Square
  • Percy Circus
  • Argyle Square Gardens
  • Regent Square Gardens
  • Claremont Square

If you want complete peace and quiet, then you can head away from the centre of London to one of these amazing parks on the outskirts:

  • Hampstead Heath
  • Holland Park
  • Richmond Park
  • York Hill Green
  • Hackney Marsh
  • Finsbury Park

Although all of these parks are beautiful, Epping Forest has to be one of our favourite green spots! This stunning 6000 acre piece of land is almost forgotten by Londoners, but with such perfect views it is not one to forget!

We love this different side of London and hope to see you not being a tourist in one of these amazing, underrated hot spots!

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