Amsterdam Dance Event, also known as ADE, is one of the biggest music festivals the Dutch capital hosts. It brings over 2,500 super talented artists and fills more than 200 venues all across Amsterdam. Although it’s predominantly electronic and house music, there’s plenty of other genres to suit your music style.

What’smore, this event isn’t just a festival. Though it’s best known for bringing the streets of Amsterdam alive during the night time, there are plenty of conferences happening during the day too.

So, we’re guiding you through all of the essentials to make your ADE 2019 the best it can be. If you’re a newbie to the event or an avid festival go-er, we’ve got money-saving tips, exclusive line-up releases, travel tips and maps for navigating the festival.

List of Must-Know’s:

  1. When is the Amsterdam Dance Event? The event will begin on Wednesday 16th October and end on Sunday 20th October 2019.
  2. What type of music can you hear at ADE? Almost every spectrum of electronic music is played at ADE. Popular genres include techno, house, EDM, trance as well as certain venues offering R&B, Hip-Hop and other alternative styles.
  3. Where is the Amsterdam Dance Event hosted? All over Amsterdam. You can see all of the events for the “festival” part of the day, here. You can see all of the events for the “conference” part of the day, here.
  4. What’s the local currency? Euros.
  5. What’s the local language? Dutch.
  6. Who is playing at ADE 2019? There are over 2,500 artists playing at the Amsterdam Dance Event, including electronic music pioneers such as Alesso, Carl Cox, Gorgon City, Martin Garrix, Oliver Heldens and more. Alongside them are upcoming artists to watch, so if you’re into your music, you’ll be sure to come across some new songs that’ll blow your mind.
  7. How can I follow ADE online? Keep up to date with all of the latest news including artist releases, event changes, performance programs and more, by following ADE on social media. Here are the links: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  8. Where can I buy tickets? You can buy tickets from the ADE website – click here.

What to expect at ADE 2019

As previously mentioned, there are two sides to the Amsterdam Dance Event. In the day time, there’s the ADE Conferences. During the night time, there’s the ADE Festival. But what’re the main differences and which event should you go to and why?

ADE by day: Conference

The Amsterdam Dance Event conference is described to be “the ultimate business and inspiration platform for the global electronic music industry.” It features dedicated programming for music professionals, aspiring DJs/producers and musicians, tech start-ups, brand- and marketing managers and much more. You can find most of the talks around the DeLaMar Theater with main conference ADE Pro and tracks ADE Green & TECH.

“Most of the delegates work in the field of electronic music and are looking for the latest business trends and inspiration, but with dedicated programming focused on branding, marketing, sustainability, social change and technology ADE also attracts numerous from outside the industry.”ADE

ADE by night: Festival

The Amsterdam Dance Event festival is where things start living up. Attendees get to enjoy the many live DJs perform at the 140 participating venues.

“The venues include some of the hottest Amsterdam clubs, smaller and cosy venues, concert halls and stadiums, but also ‘one-offs’ locations such as museums or even the Amsterdam Central Station.” – ADE

Travel notes for ADE prep

Like most cities, there are lots of options for transport around Amsterdam and all public transport is fully operational during ADE. Depending on how you arrive in Amsterdam, you can book transport for trains, buses, bike hire, taxi or similar. Your budget and length of stay will determine which mode of transport will be the most cost-effective so ask our team of experts for advice.

However, if you want to do it the “Amsterdam way”, you’ll want to grab a bike and get cycling through the city. It’s super easy and affordable to hire a bike and you’ll eliminate the possibility of getting stuck in traffic, so you can ensure you’re always on time for your ADE activities.


Bike hire in Amsterdam | Transport to ADE 2019 | Clink Hostels

Source: Pexels


ADE Venues & Main Stage

With over 140 venues, it’s important that you plan your day and night prior to the event. That way you won’t miss any of the events on your must-see list. You can see some of the most popular venues including the main stage and hang out areas for both the conference and festival side of the event.

**map of popular venues including the main stage and ClinkNOORD / other accommodation**

What’s on? Personalise Your ADE Program

The official ADE website gives you the opportunity to personalise an event programme to suit your tastes. You tell them what you’re interested in, i.e. the festival or the conference. You tell them if you’re after an event list, artists list or venue list and can then categorise by music genres, areas and days so that you see everything happening that you can and most importantly, will want to attend.

Useful link: Create your personalised ADE programme.

Tips for Amsterdam Dance Event

Now that you have the low-down on the event, how to travel there and your program planned, let’s take a look at some of the tips to make the day as fun as possible.

#1: Remember the essentials

  • Always bring your ID and get a copy of your ticket saved both on your phone as well as to hand. That way if the alcohol ends up making you a little forgetful, you’ll have a back-up to leave you from being left outside in the cold.
  • Take earplugs so that you’ll keep your ears protected from the loud, electronic beats. If you’re planning on attending the full period of the event, you’ll experience long or repeated exposure to loud sounds. This can cause longterm damage to your eardrums so don’t go risking your hearing. ADE is a yearly event and after experiencing it once, you’ll no doubt want to return, so make sure your hearing isn’t jeopardised.
  • Drink plenty of water because, although ADE 2019 is in the cold, Amsterdam autumn, you’ll no doubt be dancing and drinking (sensibly!) to the early hours of the morning, so don’t let yourself get dehydrated. Alike many festivals in Europe, tap water is free and most places will let you drink it upon request – that’s regardless of not purchasing something, or not.
  • Know where emergency services are, or who you can contact. Although planning for the worst might seem a bit excessive and put a downer on the pre-event get-togethers, it’s critical. Make sure you know the number of Dutch emergency services and location of ambulances or police during the event. If you’re feeling a little worse for wear, don’t be shy to approach the appropriate member of staff and get yourself seen to. Remember, it’s always better to be safe than sorry!
  • Take a credit or debit card as Amsterdam, in general, is predominantly cashless. Public transport is completely cashless now and some venues won’t accept cash either.


Amsterdam Dance Event 2019 | Amsterdam Dance Festival | Clink Hostels

Source: Pexels


#2: Embrace everything aspect of the event

One of the best things about attending a festival in the opportunity to party with, and make new, friends. Don’t let the cultural or language differences put you off from socialising. 400,000 visitors from all over the world attend the Amsterdam Dance Event so you’ll be sure to find multilingual speakers who you can dance with.

Attending festivals like such is also a great way to join up with bigger groups – the more the merrier, right? Plus, if you’re travelling alone, you can download the PartyWith mobile app. This allows you to find and connect with like-minded party-goers to explore ADE 2019 with.

#3: Storage on the day

Amsterdam in October is fairly cold. We advise that you layer up as you’ll spend time queuing outside and travelling to and from different locations across the city during particularly cool periods: late evenings and early mornings. The good news is that the event has lockers available for day rental. That way you can store any jackets if you end up getting hot amidst all of the dancing.

Lockers are also great for storing any phones, wallets, hotel keys and more. Like any other festival, pick-pocketing can happen so be sure to store your valuables away so you can fully immerse yourself in the festival without worrying about checking on your belongings.

Good to know: The lockers are usually pretty spacious so if you’re with a small group of friends, it’d be best to share a locker and split the cost to save some money.


ADE 2019 Storage | Amsterdam Dance Event Lockers | Clink Hostels

Source: Pexels

#4: Policies to follow

  • Use the toilets. Simply don’t urinate in the streets. Although it might seem like a good idea when the queues are “massive” and you’ve had a drink, people have been known to be arrested for doing so. There are lots of spare toilets in the city’s main squares, at train stations and of course, at all of the venues.
  • Zero tolerance on narcotics. The Amsterdam Dance Event has pretty thorough searches at the entrance of every venue with security gates and police dogs. Of course, if you are in possession of narcotics, you’re highly likely to be found and sadly, will be kicked out with high potential for police involvement.
  • No photos inside. Different events have different policies on attendees taking photos and videos during the event. Not every ADE venue allows photos or videos to be taken. However, it’s important not to see this as a downside. It means you can keep your phone stored safely in a locker so you can live in the moment.
  • Bouncers can be strict. With Amsterdam Dance Festival being so big, it’s important that you aren’t seen to be causing a problem. If you’re acting disorderly in the queue you may be refused entry even if you have pre-booked a ticket.

To Sum Up

Amsterdam Dance Event is truly a festival like no other. With so many worldwide artists coming together to celebrate, there’s so much on offer for you to take advantage of. It’s a must-attend if you’re into that type of sound.

Are you going to ADE 2019? Come and stay with us at ClinkNOORD and stay in modern, comfortable and most importantly, affordable accommodation. Speak to our team to get advice on transport on the day and other recommendations.