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We are back again for our 3rd instalment of What’s Up! London this time we are focusing on the best pubs and eateries to head to this autumn and the highly anticipated Bonfire Night which is always an amazing night to spend in London. Watch the video below to find out more.

China Town


Great for: Lots of different types of Chinese restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets, souvenir shops, and other Chinese-run businesses.

Why go:  As London is the cultural hub of the world, it is always good to explore other cultures and enjoy different types of cuisine from around the world and China Town is the best place to experience this. We suggest going to Cuppa Cha and try one of their many different types of bubble tea.

Where: Borough of Westminster.

When:  All year round.

Tube Station:  Leicester Square


BFI London Film Festival


Great for: World and European premieres and learning about the world of film.

Why go: It is a great chance to have a once in a lifetime experience and you may even get the chance to see and meet world famous celebrities. There are lots of master classes and Q & A sessions with directors, producers and actors over the 12 days.

Where: Various Locations

When: 8th – 19th October

Tube Station:  Leicester Square/Waterloo/Temple/Southwark


Hampstead Heath


Great for: Long autumn walks and getting out of the city.

Why go: There are a few nice little cafes and eateries located around the area that you can enjoy and once the leaves start to turn, there are great chances for getting some amazing pictures.

Where: Hampstead Heath

When: All year round

Tube Station:  Hampstead Heath


Bonfire Night


Great for: Bonfires, fireworks, sparklers and street food.

Why go: Bonfire night is the celebration of the government exposing Guy Fawkes plans to blow up the House of Parliament with over 100 barrels of gun powder and kill the King at the time, James the 1st, so in celebration the English release thousands of gun powder in the air, in the way of fireworks.

Where: Various Locations

When: 5th – 9th November (Bonfire night is on the 5th November, but many displays are held at the weekend after)

Tube Station:  Various


Diwana Bhel Poori House


Great for: Vegetarian Indian food

Why go: This is a great place for vegetarians and non-veggies to experience all the different flavours of India without all the meat.

Where: 121-123 Drummond Street

When:  All year round

Tube Station: London Euston


The Old Station Cafe


Great for: Exchanging cash for Bitcoins

Why go: The Old Station Café at Shoreditch is the first café in London where you can exchange your cash for Bitcoins and vice versa, as well as a great place to chill and have a coffee or tea.

Where: 1 Kingsland Road

When: All year round

Tube Station: Shoreditch High-street


The Craft Beer Co.


Great for: Many different types of craft beer and ciders

Why go: You get the chance to try beers and ciders from all over the UK and Europe and it is a great place to have a quiet pint with your friends

Where: 55 White Lion Street

When: All year round

Tube Station: Angel


The Red Lion Theatre Club


Great for: Events, bands and theatrical shows

Why go: The Red Lion Theatre Club offers you the chance to see some of the best West End shows redone and shown in a smaller more intimate venue, also enjoy the ambiance of this quiet little pub in the downstairs area

Where: 418 St John St

When: All year round

Tube Station: Angel


The Ten Bells


Great for: A nice cold pint in an authentic English Pub

Why go: There is a lot of history behind this 18th century pub including being the location of two of Jack the Rippers murders. Its 1700s style takes you back in time and makes for a great place to enjoy a quiet pint with some friends.

Where: 84 Commercial Street

When: All year round

Tube Station: Liverpool Street


Brick Lane


Great for: Shopping, Asian Cuisine and exploring a typical London street

Why go: With lots of restaurants and cafes lining the whole street, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to the different types of Asian cuisine, just remember to haggle with the street staff and get some money off your dinner.

Where: Borough of Tower Hamlets

When: All year round

Tube Station: Shoreditch High Street


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