Despite much controversy over what you should cover your bacon bap with (ketchup, obviously), the humble bacon roll is, without doubt, one of the UK’s best-loved breakfast dishes.

Like a trusty friend, a bacon butty is always the go-to home comfort when you’re feeling a little tender from the night before. Although London seems to have become a lot more health-conscious in the last few years, the iconic bacon roll has nevertheless endured.

From greasy spoon cafes to high-end restaurants, we’ve listed our top 5  places to get your bacon rolls in London that will leave you squealing for more.

“Bacon roll”
née. bacon butty, bacon sarnie, bacon bap, bacon cob, bacon sandwich

1. Le Swine

Where? Lamb St, Spitalfields, London E1 6EA, United Kingdom
Why go? For a belter of a bacon butty

With a mission to ‘take the bacon butty to exciting new heights’ Le Swine boasts a bacon butty like no other. From the lightly toasted milk and onion bun and responsibly sourced bacon, to the bacon butter and signature ‘swinez’ ketchup, the makers behind this belter of a butty left no stone unturned in the search for flavour. Their simplistic take of an absolute classic makes Le Swine one of the go-to places for bacon rolls in London. You can thank us later.

Le Swine Bacon Roll In London | Clink Hostels

Image courtesy: Le Swine

2. Marksman

Where? 254 Hackney Rd, London E2 7SJ, United Kingdom
Why? For a bacon bap with a difference 

If you’re looking for a unique take on the bacon butty in London, then Marksman is the place for you. The Michelin awarded ‘Pub of the Year’ do away with the traditional method of placing bacon between two slices of bread, and instead opt for perfectly round buns stuffed (yes, STUFFED) with smoked and cured meat. We know, it sounds too good to be true, right? Take a look at the hashtag dedicated to their goodness, #marksmanbuns.

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3. St John Bread & Wine

Where? 94-96 Commercial St, Spitalfields, London E1 6LZ, United Kingdom
Why go? For the bacon roll of your dreams 

At St John Bread & Wine you’ll find the bacon sandwich that dreams are made of, fit for even the most discerning of bacon connoisseurs. Bread fresh from their on-site bakery, un-smoked meat charred side by side over an open flame, paired with a liberal dollop of homemade ketchup – need we say much more?

St John Bacon Roll in London | Clink Hostels

Image credit: Trip Advisor

4. Dishoom

Where? 22 Kingly St, Soho, London W1B 5QP
Why go? For an Indian infused take on a British classic 

Okay, we lie. This one isn’t a ‘bacon butty’ as such, but hear us out here. Dishoom are famed for their scrumptious Indian street food, vintage decor and …bacon naan rolls. You see, instead of ketchup and oodles of melted butter, Dishoom’s bacon naan rolls are jam-packed with streaky bacon, cream cheese, chilli tomato jam and fresh herbs.

Dishoom Bacon Roll in London | Clink Hostels

Image courtesy:

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5. The Quality Chop House

Where? 88-94 Farringdon Rd, Farringdon, London EC1R 3EA
Why go? For a classic bacon roll 

Last but not least on our list of top spots for the best bacon rolls in London is The Quality Chop House in Clerkenwell. Here they take things back to basics and combine both smoked and unsmoked bacon for the perfect flavour profile. Topped with either homemade ketchup or good old fashioned HP sauce – depending on which side of the fence you sit on the sauce-front – the bacon rolls from the Quality Chop House are as classic as it gets!

Quality Chop House Best Bacon Roll | Clink Hostels

Image courtesy: Eater London

So there you have it, a truly scrumptious selection of bacon baps, rolls and sandwiches fit for a king or hungry backpacker. These are some of the best bacon rolls in London, but if you find any others that you think deserve to be on our shortlist then get in touch with us on Instagram or Facebook.

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