7 days across Europe using only Red Bull as currency

Can You Make It?

They made it!

The Clink Wild Card Team, along with 200 other student teams from 60 countries across the globe, had seven days to travel across Europe using only cans of Red Bull as currency, crossing the finish line at ClinkNOORD in Amsterdam! It’s was a journey of adventure, charm and, guess what … 

Catch up on all the action over on Red Bull’s Can You Make It? Facebook page.

Clink was this year's Official Red Bull Can You Make it? Accommodation Partner

People running at a starting line

The Clink
Wild Card Team

Here's the dynamic trio that took on on The Adventure of a Lifetime together!

Here’s the very first member of The Clink Wild Card Team… Meet Evangeline Chan from Malaysia!

Eva is super creative and talented, passionate about music, dancing and photography… She sings and plays guitar, moves to street dance / hip-hop, and works as a videographer making lots of cool adverts!

We’re so excited that Eva is on the Clink Wild Card Team and wish her the best of luck in the Red Bull Can You Make it? 2018!

Meet the second member of the Clink Wild Card Team for Red Bull Can You Make It? 2018! 

Anastasiia Volchenkova from Ukraine is part time working as a translator and part time studying for her major in Journalism. Anastasiia is passionate about film making, travel, new culture and self discovery.

Check out her video and join us in wishing Anastasiia the best of luck in the competition!


Last but certainly not least, meet the final member of the Clink Wild Card Team, Felipe Machado from Brazil!

A Petrochemical Operator, Felipe is passionate about science and the environment, he loves making things and enjoys a challenge where he can use his creativity and leadership skills.

Felipe has won lots of awards in Brazil, including ‘Citizen of The Year’ for his city and ‘5 Most Inspiring Young People’ in Brazil.

Join us in wishing him the best of luck in Red Bull Can You Make It? 2018!

How does it work?

The participating teams were flown to one of the five Starting Points in Europe: Madrid, Budapest, Manchester, Stockholm or Rome. Each team handed over their cash, cards and phones in exchange for 24 cans of Red Bull and a smartphone equipped with an unlimited data plan. On the 10th of April 2018, all teams left from the Starting Points at the same time and had one week to make it to Amsterdam. Along the way, teams created their own path by visiting Checkpoints in European cities, posting photos and videos of their journey, completing as many tasks of the Adventure List as they could, and receiving support from their followers back home.

Each team began their journey with 24 cans of Red Bull. Teams had to rely on their bartering skills and charm to trade Red Bull for everything they needed on the journey – food, a place to sleep, transportation to the next location and other adventures that made the experience truly epic. Teams had to visit at least 6 checkpoints before reaching Amsterdam. At each of them, they were tasked with a challenge that  tested their body and mind. These varied in difficulty and required strategy and creativity. If a team successfully completed a Checkpoint Challenge, they are rewarded with more cans of Red Bull for the journey.

Backpackers walking and drinking Red Bull