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ClashBAR is THE place to head to let your hair down, let loose and meet other like-minded travellers.

Accused of shooting some expensive racing pigeons, punk rockers The Clash stood trial in this very building in 1978. Our lively basement venue in Clink78 takes inspiration from them – in both name and spirit! (No shooting of racing pigeons though – we’ve got to draw the line somewhere!)

On Fridays and Saturdays, we have our resident DJs on the decks. From Hip Hop to Motown – with a few 90’s classics thrown in for good measure – if you’re not dancing by the end of the night, we’ll eat our hat…or have a shot of tequila at least.

There’s loads going on during the week too, and plenty of ways to meet new people. We’ve got pool competitions, quiz nights, great deals on drinks, fresh pizza and even karaoke. Work it like Rihanna, or wail like Radiohead!

You can also catch new live music at ClashBAR. We love the eclectic mixture of artists that find their way here through our Stay & Play programme. We give emerging artists accommodation in exchange for playing a gig at the hostel. ‘Making it’ in the music industry isn’t easy (or cheap!) so the idea is to give bands a helping hand to get out on the road and play to some new audiences.

Ready to join us for some wild nights in our favourite London bar (obviously!)? Book your stay above.

ClashBAR is for guests aged 18+

"Clash bar is superb" I have stayed at Clink 78 either 5 or 6 time now and every time it's got better and better! It's very clean, perfectly located a stone throw from King's Cross station, the Clash bar is superb, and finally the staff are all very happy in their work and super friendly. Thanks for a great time!

"I had a very good stay at Clink78" I had a very good stay at Clink78 due in most part to the hospitality shown by the Bar Manager Duarte (hopefully I spelled that right) and the bartender Kristina (again hopefully I got that name right) each of whom were great hosts at the hostel and were great to meet.

"Really cool bar area" I didn't actually sleep here as I stayed in the other Clink hostel, but I visited the bar area and it was really good. Drinks were pretty cheap considering it's London, and had a very good atmosphere, as well as being open quite late! The hostel is in a good location; very near to Kings Cross station and a supermarket. Very secure as well, as they had 'bouncers' on the door checking every guest had a card to get in.

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Your chance to show London what your band sounds like – and stay for free!

Love live music? Then this is the place to be! That said, touring and playing in London isn’t cheap – and lots of aspiring bands and artists never get the chance to perform in our lively capital city.

The idea behind Stay & Play is simple – you perform in our ClashBAR and entertain our guests, and in return, we’ll let you stay for the night in our hostel, completely free! And if you want to play in other iconic locations, we can also work with you to sort out some discounts on future nights at the hostel.

We’re all huge fans of music at Clink and we’re lucky to have some great venues just a few minutes’ walk from our London hostels. Scala puts on an eclectic mix of live music and dance nights. Or head to the famous Water Rats to catch up and coming acts. It may look like an ordinary venue at first glance, but this is in fact where Bob Dylan played his first UK gig in 1962 and Oasis made their London debut in 1994!

We can’t promise 77+ million record sales, a headline slot at Glastonbury, and a break-up that blows up the internet just yet; but if you’re looking to get some international exposure in one of music’s most important cities, and enjoy a free night’s accommodation – then Stay & Play might be for you.

Sound like music to your ears? Drop us an email on [email protected]. We’ll listen to any demos you have and if you’ve got a great sound, we’ll be in touch.

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Everyday 6pm - 2am

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