Everyone loves a good BBQ, but unfortunately, in a big city this usually means paying for it in a bar or restaurant. So for all you BBQ fanatics out there, we have compiled this quick guide about BBQ friendly parks in London!

Apart from Islington, who have now opened up some of their parks to allow BBQs, all royal parks in London and most boroughs of London do not allow BBQs. Therefore, most of the parks and green areas that allow BBQs are on the outskirts of London; the majority with allocated BBQ areas so not to disturb others using the park.

All parks that allow BBQs state that you should not use the foil BBQs, but ones that stand away from the ground so not to burn the parks grass. However, always take care when having a BBQ and make sure you do not leave any burning BBQs unattended.

Top 9 BBQ friendly parks in London

Park: London Fields

Where: Hackney

Info: London Fields have a designated area for BBQs and you must abide by their rules and conditions regarding this area, otherwise you may be asked to remove or put out your BBQ and leave the park.

Tube Station: Hackney Central



Park: Burgess Park

Where: Southwark

Info: Burgess Park has two central areas near to the lake that are designed for BBQs, with facilities for disposable BBQs or the option to bring coal and use the BBQs the park provides.

Tube Station: Peckham Rye


Park: Beddington Park

Where: Borough of Sutton

Info: Beddington Park has a new seating area provided around their BBQ spots which are fully equipped and even come with bins designed for disposable BBQs.

Train Station: Hackbridge


Park: Fred Wells Garden

Where: St. Marys Park, Battersea

Info: Currently as a trial, this park allows the use of disposable BBQs in the designated areas, but be aware this may change in the future.

Tube Station: Imperial Wharf


Park: Highbury Fields

Where: Islington

Info: There are no designated areas for your BBQs, but you must have the disposable BBQ on a stand at all times and water to extinguish your BBQ when used.

Tube Station: Clapham Common


Park: Paradise Park

Where: Mackenzie Road, N7

Info: Paradise Park offers a range of activities across the large space available, including play parks, five-a-side football and outside gym equipment. The park allows small BBQs that are off the ground, so not to burn the grass.

Tube Station: Caledonian Road


Park: Finsbury Square

Where: Islington

Info: A very popular park complete with four bowling greens. Finsbury Square is especially popular amongst students as a lot of student housing is nearby.

Train Station: Moorgate


Park: Whittington Park

Where:  Holloway Road, N7 Islington

Info: Another very large park, Whittington Park has many amenities on offer including ponds, kids play facilities, sports equipment and designated areas for BBQs, disposable or not!

Tube Station: Archway Station


Park: Caledonian Park

Where: Market Road, N7, Islington

Info:  Secluded away from the world, complete with a listed clock tower building, this massive park is the perfect place to have a BBQ. Again, like other parks, it is suggested that you do not use foil disposable BBQs but rather ones with stands.

Tube Station: Caledonian Road Station


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