"The bar especially is brilliant" Had a fantastic time here and met a heap of very awesome people. Location is just fine and the layout and price makes it a very cool hostel. The bar especially is brilliant and there was plenty of entertainment around, pool tables etc. Do yourself a favour and check it out.

"Excellent Hostel!!" Came here with a friend and stayed 5 nights, we both completely enjoyed every moment in the hostel, spending maybe to long in front of the bar mind! There's a ferry from Centraal to Noord almost every 5 minutes...24/7, so no problem with getting back late either. There's 2 kitchens, 1 for guests to freely use and the other is for the hostels restaurant which serves excellent food.

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“Still the best hostel in London” I've stayed with Clink 78 five times now, and they never disappoint. Most beds are covered at the sides with woods to separate them, and if you hang your towel up you basically have a little cubicle with lots of privacy. This is the only hostel I've stayed in that had bunk beds like this and it's my favorite thing about the place. Friendly, safe atmosphere, too, and a great bar that allows both for studying, reading, gaming and dancing, and the drinks are very cheap. Highly recommended!

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Great place Clinknoord is more likely a hotel than hostel. It's huge for a hostel, beds are in a great condition, staff is friendly. There's only bad thing i can remember. Pillows was small :)

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Fantastic hostel

Clink261 is an excellent hostel...clean, comfortable and vibrant. Formerly Ashlee House, the hostel had a major refurbishment in mid March 2010. Therefore, we must bear this in mind when reading the other comments prior to this. The rooms are now comfortable and the public areas are really colourful and exciting. Breakfast is served everything morning in the clean kitchen area. With an endless supply of toast/marmalade, cereals and tea/coffee/juice...it's perfectly adequate for the day ahead. There were negative comments in the past about the shower rooms. These are in a process of being refurbished and the hostel says that they…

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Great stay!!

Thank you for a perfect stay, every thing was very clean and tidy. We were in a private room with a private restroom. Breakfast included, very active bar space and funny people, atmosfere was really nice.

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Once again, another great stay at clink!!

Once again, another great stay at clink!! Great location, great atmosphere, fab staff- so friendly, welcoming and always willing to help. Thanks Marco for always going above and beyond and making my stay the best!!!!! Really appreciate it!! Great asset to the team!!! :) THANK YOU, you wee legend!!

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Clink78 has a great location

The most important thing for someone who was for the first time in London like me is that Clink78 has a great location - 10 min from King’s Cross station, so I could easily get to the all attractions in the city. It was very clean considering the high volume of visitors that stayed here. Don’t miss the Courtroom - warm and quite place during the day, but this is the cinema room also, with a witty guy who plays the movies. :) I will always have memories of this place.

Read full review Sonja Slepčev

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