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Frequently Asked Questions
& all things Clink

Not sure about something? Read through our FAQ for any queries you may have.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re still unsure about something. We promise not to laugh at stupid questions… (most of the time).

Booking Information

What are your booking terms and conditions?

Surprises are great, but not when it comes to your booking. Please take a moment to read our Booking Terms and Conditions to ensure a smooth and enjoyable stay. We value transparency and want to make sure you have all the necessary information. If you have any questions, our team is here to help. Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities. Click below to check out our terms and conditions.

Can I rock up to the hostel and book a bed or room?

For sure! We always try to keep a few beds available for walk-ins. It can get pretty busy, especially in the summer and on weekends, so we’d suggest checking availability here on our website first.

I haven’t received my booking confirmation email, what should I do?

Don’t panic, but in case you do, place your head between your legs, and take deep breaths.

It can take up to 10 minutes for confirmation emails to arrive (check your junk folder!). If you booked directly on then email our lovely Reservations team at stating the name of the hostel you booked, your name, confirmation number and arrival date and we will try our best to resend it to you.

If you booked with a partner e.g., Expedia, Airbnb etc. please contact them directly to resend your booking confirmation.

How do I get more information about the room or hostel’s facilities?

Everything about your room and the property facility will be in your booking confirmation email. For more information, you can visit the property pages on our website.

Will I pay full price for my children?

Children under 3 stay free of charge in travel cot in their parents’ room. A private room or a whole dorm will have to be booked for the same. Children under 16 cannot stay in a dorm.

Can I change or cancel my booking?

Changes can be made for fully flexible bookings up to 24hrs before arrival and semi-flexible bookings 7 days prior to arrival. Changes cannot be made to non-refundable bookings at any time. Soz.

What do ‘non-refundable’ and ‘free cancellation’ mean?

Every booking is subject to the policy of the rate that was booked:

A “non-refundable” policy means that you are asked to pay in advance the full price of the reservation even if you decide to change or cancel. This fee is mentioned in the conditions during the booking process, and in the booking confirmation.

A “free cancellation” policy means you can change or cancel a booking for free, as long as you do it within the time period specified by the property (for example “Cancel up to x days” or “Cancel before dd/mm/yy hh:mm”). This is mentioned in the conditions during the booking process, and in the booking confirmation.”

Property Policies

I want to check-out after the stated check-out time. What should I do?

We just want you to chill and it’s no problem to book a late check-out up to 12.00pm. You can arrange this service from the pre-arrival email you receive 72 hours before or simply talk to our team at reception when you arrive. They’re really very friendly and won’t bite as long as you feed them.

How long can I stay at your hostels for?

For all our hostels guests can stay for a maximum of 14 days in a 28-day period. And believe us, you can pack a lot in in a fortnight! If you’d like more information about this policy, you can chat with our helpful chatbot or reach out to our amazing reservations team.

What are the check-in and check-out times?

Check-in at Clink i Lár Dublin is from 3pm, and at our other hostels it is from 4pm. Our receptions are open 24/7 but we highly recommend to check-in online before arrival. You can do this from your booking confirmation email if you’ve booked directly on

You can also opt for an early check-in (subject to availability and an extra charge) via the pre-arrival email you receive 3 days before your arrival.

Checkout is at 10 AM on the day that you’re leaving, unless you want to snooze in and check out late at 12 PM (subject to availability and extra charge).

Hostel Check-in from Check-out before
Clink i Lár, Dublin 3pm 10am 
ClinkNOORD, Amsterdam 4pm 10am 
Clink261, London 4pm 10am 
Do I need identification when I check-in?

Yes, we require a valid photo id to check-in all our guests to our hostels and we promise not to laugh at your mugshot.

For guests a Clink i Lár in Dublin: Please bring a valid government-issued ID (passport, national ID, driver’s license from North America, Australia, or EU, or Garda Age Card for Ireland). Photocopies and residency cards/visas are not accepted.

Do you allow pets to stay at your hostels?

We love animals, but alas, your furry four legged friend will have to stay at home. The only exception is if you require an assistant dog but please do remember to bring all it needs for a comfortable night’s stay.

I will be arriving earlier / later than the stated check-in time. Can I still check in?

That’s no problem at all. Early check-in at 12.00pm & is available for purchase before you arrive in the pre-arrival email you receive 72 hours before your stay!

Can I bring guests in who aren’t staying at the hostel?

Who doesn’t love company? Friends and family who live in the city or are staying at other accommodations are more than welcome in any of our restaurants, bars and public social areas. The only areas off limits are our private rooms and dorms

Can I smoke in the hostel?

If we see smoke around you, we’ll assume you’re on fire and drench you with water. Sorry though, it’s strictly no smoking/vaping inside the hostels! If you enjoy a nicotine fix every now and then, you’re welcome to smoke/vape outside the hostels.

Will my room be cleaned daily?

Our cleaning fairies clean private rooms before check-in and after the third night of stay. Dorms will be cleaned daily (except long term rooms that are cleaned weekly).

We do ask that you make your bed yourself.

Can I be allocated a bottom bed?

You sure can! You can purchase the bottom bunk (subject to location and availability) in the pre-arrival email you receive 72 hours before your stay.

Payment Policies

Do I have to pay city tax?

Unfortunately in life, two things you can be sure of… death and taxes, but thankfully you are only required to pay city tax in Amsterdam which is 12.5%. There is no need to pay city tax in London and Dublin.

Please note that the city tax of Amsterdam increased from 7% to 12.5% on 1 January 2024. For all stays in 2024, the price will be updated to reflect this change.

What payment methods are accepted?

We are primarily cashless properties so we only accept Mastercard, iDEAL, Visa card payments for all bookings. The payment card must match the guest’s name on identification on arrival. We do not accept American Express, Diners Club cards or any other card.

I’ve been charged. Do I need to do anything?

In most cases, no action is required from you. As outlined in the payment policy for your booking, this is likely just a prepayment for all or part of the total cost.

If there is no prepayment policy, then we may have taken a test payment from your card. This is a temporary hold, that’s used to guarantee your booking, and will be returned to you. If you still feel the charge is unexpected, you can contact us for assistance.

What’s the difference between a pre-authorisation and an actual charge to my credit card?

Pre-authorisations are common but are often confused with actual charges. While in-store purchases are immediately charged and deducted from your available balance, pre-authorisations are temporary holds. The length of the hold will vary, and your credit card company can advise how they handle this.

How will I know if my card has been pre-authorised?

Your available balance will be reduced temporarily by the full amount of your reservation. You may also see “pending transactions” on your credit card account summary. If you’re not sure if your card had been pre-authorised, both the hostel and your credit card company can verify this.

How long will the pre-authorisation hold affect my available balance?

Your card provider can better explain this, along with the general terms and conditions associated with their pre-authorisation procedures. These terms vary across the board, so it’s best to contact them for specific details.

Will the pre-authorisation hold always equal the exact amount of my reservation?

In most cases, we will pre-authorise your card for the full amount of your reservation.

The credit card that I used to make a booking is no longer valid. What should I do?

If you booked directly, please contact us on to update your card details. If you booked via a partner e.g., Expedia, Airbnb, please contact them. For security reasons, never provide your credit card details by email or text message (you never know who’s watching!).

Where can I see the payment policy for my booking?

You can find the payment policy in your booking confirmation, the payment policy applicable to you is determined by the rate you booked e.g. non-refundable, semi-flexible, fully-flexible.

Which cards can I use to complete my booking?

To make a reservation via our website we accept Mastercard, Visa or iDeal payments.

Why do I need to provide my card details?

We request this to guarantee your booking, and the card is often used to pay when you book. If you don’t need to make a prepayment, then we may hold an amount on your card to ensure it has sufficient funds. This test payment will be returned to you.

Can I pay for my stay with a different credit card than the one I used to book?

We accept payment for the stay with a different card. To confirm that paying with a different credit card is okay, contact the property.

Can I make a reservation without a credit card?

Nope, sorry! You’ll need a credit or debit card to secure your booking.

When will my credit card be charged?

Non-refundable bookings will be fully charged at the time of booking. Semi-flexible bookings, the total price of the reservation will be charged 7 days prior to arrival. Fully flexible bookings will be charged 24 hrs prior to arrival.

Are my credit card details safe?

Most definitely. Our booking engine uses a secure connection and your personal data and credit card details are encrypted. Your personal data and credit card details are always encrypted. Our secure server uses ‘Secure Socket Layer’ (SSL) technology, the online industry’s standard.


How do I cancel my booking?

If you need to cancel your booking, make sure you check the cancellation policy in your booking confirmation email first.

If you booked directly, please email us at: If you booked via a 3rd party partner e.g., Expedia, Airbnb,etc. please contact them directly to cancel your booking.

If I need to cancel my booking, will I pay a fee?

If you have a free cancellation booking, you won’t pay a cancellation fee. If your booking is no longer free to cancel or is non-refundable, you may incur a cancellation fee. Any cancellation fees are determined by the hostel.

Can I cancel or change my dates for a non-refundable booking?

No, our non-refundable bookings cannot be cancelled or amended under any circumstances.

How do I know if my booking was cancelled?

After you cancel a booking with us, you will receive an email confirming the cancellation. Check your inbox and spam/junk mail folders.

If you don’t receive an email within 24 hours, please contact if you booked directly with us, or our partners at, Expedia, Airbnb etc. to confirm they got your cancellation.

Where can I find my hostel’s cancellation policy?

You can find this in your booking confirmation email & on our T’s & C’s page

How long will it take for the refund to arrive in my bank account?

Sit tight. Refunds will generally arrive in your bank account within 5-10 working days, depending on your bank.


What’s the difference between a private room, a private dorm and a shared dorm?

When you book a private room or a private dorm, you will only be sleeping in a room with the people you booked with whereas in a dorm, you will have room mates.

What’s the difference between a Double room and a Twin room?

A twin room is a room that has one bunk bed (or two single beds at Clink i Lár), and a double room is a room that has one double bed. 

What’s the difference between shared facilities and en-suite?

If you book a room or a bed in a shared facilities room, you’ll need to pop outside your room or dorm to use the shared toilet and shower facilities. They’re located on every floor – just remember to bring your key card or your phone! If you book an en-suite room or bed, your room has its own bathroom. It means you don’t have to go outside your room to use the toilet or shower. Just be aware that if you have booked an en-suite dorm, you’ll share the bathroom with other guests staying in the dorm with you.

What’s a pod room?

Our pod beds are designed to make you feel like you are staying in a private room. The pods have black out curtains to provide privacy while you sleep. Each pod is equipped with hooks for clothes, a rail for towels, adjustable ventilation (for a flow of clean & fresh air), upholstery for sitting comfortably, reading light, charging points, multicolour LED light and a mesh pocket for items. We’ve also selected super comfy mattresses and linen to give you the best sleep experience ever!

Are the dormitories mixed gender?

Dorms are always mixed unless you book a ‘Girls Only’ dorm.

Can I request an extra bed in my room and will there be extra costs?

We do not supply extra beds or cots for rooms. All of our rooms have beds available for the rooms maximum capacity of occupants as per our guidelines and maximum capacity recommendations

Is it possible to get an extra bed or cot for a child?

Ah, the pitter, patter of little feet. We do and the best part is they are free however they are in limited number. However, we’d be more than happy to try and organise this before your stay. Just email us at stating the name of the hostel you booked, your name, confirmation number and arrival date in advance of your stay to give us enough time.


Why is my payment not matching my booking total?

In Amsterdam, a 12.5% city tax will be added to your booking once you confirm your booking, hence why your payment is always more than your room booking.

Please note that the city tax of Amsterdam increased from 7% to 12.5% on 1 January 2024. For all stays in 2024, the price will be updated to reflect this change.

What does the price include?

All the facilities listed under the room or accommodation type are included in the price. You can also see if other things like breakfast, taxes or service charges are included when you compare different options to book. After you book, this information can also be found in your confirmation email.

Are the prices shown on the website per person or per room?

The price we show is stated in the room type and description.

Are taxes included in the price?

This depends on the property and booking type, but it’s easy to see what’s included when you compare different options to book. Tax requirements change from country to country so it’s always good to check. After you book, we also send this information in the confirmation email.

Can I use discount vouchers (e.g. issued on other websites etc.)?

Absolutely, if it’s an official promo code issued by us it will work on our website for direct bookings. Win! Win!

Do you have any discount codes or special offers available?

We have different offers running throughout the year. Just check out our Special Offers page for more info. To make sure you’re getting the best rate, always book directly with us on this website.

Do I pay full price for my child?

Children under 3 stay free of charge in travel cot in their parents’ room. A private room or a whole dorm will have to be booked as children under 16 cannot stay in a dorm.


How do I know if there is parking at the property and how can I reserve it?


We don’t have any parking available at the hostel. However, you have two options for paid parking close-by:

On Street – Asterweg and Distelweg

Underground – A’DAM Toren / EYE Filmmuseum

You can reserve a spot via

Clink261 & Clink78

We don’t have any parking spaces directly at the hostels, unfortunately. However, parking is available at the nearby NCP car park. The address is:

Judd Street NCP Car Park, Judd Street, St. Pancras, WC1H 9QR.

The car park is open from: 05:00-23:00. Height restriction is: 1.9m “

Clink i Lar

We don’t have any parking available at the hostel. We’re just a short walk from the Jervis Luas stop (Luas = Tram in Dublin) which will take you anywhere you need to go in Dublin. 😉

Can the property store my luggage before check-in or after check-out?

We do love punctuality. If you arrive before check-in, you’re welcome to store your bags in one of our rented lockers available. Any locker occupied for more than 24 hours may be opened and emptied by management.

Do you offer accessible facilities?

Please visit our Accessibility page to find more information. We are committed to ensuring that all our guests have a comfortable experience at our hostels.

Are there hair dryers / irons in the rooms?

Afraid not! We do have a few you can borrow at Reception though. Just leave a deposit with us and you can take it up to your room.

Are towels provided in all rooms?

All of our private rooms come with towels. You can rent or buy a towel from reception for a small charge or pre-book this using the link in the pre-arrival email you receive 72hrs prior to arrival.

Is all bed linen provided?

A pillow, duvet and fresh bedding awaits you! Towels are provided in private rooms, if you’re staying in a dorm you’ll need to bring your own or rent one from Reception for a small fee, even if you have booked the full dorm!

Are toiletries supplied?

Toiletries are supplied for all our private rooms (excluding private dorms), we do not supply toiletries for any of our dorm rooms but don’t worry you can pick some up at our reception if you need them.

Can I get something delivered to the hostel?


Yes you can, but we recommend you let the local reception team know if you’re expecting a delivery, we will not accept deliveries for guests if we have not been notified in advance. We don’t accept responsibility for lost or damaged packages.


No deliveries will be accepted. If you need any advice, we recommend you speak with the local reception team. “

Are there laundry and drying facilities onsite?


We have laundry on the 1st floor for washing and drying. Its €4.50 for a washing machine and €3 for a dryer. You don’t need to bring detergent, it is all built up in the machine.

Clink 261

We have laundry service available for washing and drying. £4.50 for a washing machine and £1.50 for a dryer. You don’t need to bring detergent, it is all built up in the machine.

Do the rooms have lockers for luggage storage?


Each dorm bed has a small safety box which can fit valuables (mobile phone, wallet etc) along with a small locker in the room. Remember to bring a padlock or buy one from reception.

If you’re looking to lock up larger bags on your day of arrival or departure, we have lockers (35inch TALL x 18inch DEEP x 13inch WIDE) located in our luggage store, that can fit smaller back packs and suitcases. Charge applies, payable on site.


Each bed in 18 bedded dorms has a small safety box which can fit valuables (mobile phone, wallet etc). Other dorms have a locker to store small backpack/bags. These are free to use. Remember to bring a padlock or buy one from reception.

Small Lockers (which can fit small backpacks and laptops) are also available to rent next to Reception. We also have larger lockers (95.5cm x 30cm) that are big enough for 1 suitcase.


Each bed in dorms has a locker assigned to it which is large enough to fit a small backpack and small personal items. These are free to use, just remember to bring a padlock or you can buy one at Reception. We also have small lockers (free to use – just bring / buy a padlock) near reception which can be used to store valuables. “

If my luggage is too big for the in-room storage, is there somewhere else I can leave it?

We have luggage rooms and storage lockers you can rent for 1, 6 or 24 hours, with prices ranging from €1 to €8. They’re also available for 12 and 24 hours at a time.

Do you have any events lined up?

Now you’re talking! At ClinkNOORD we have events running each day in the hostel, such as daily movie nights etc. We also host other weekend and monthly events such as Clink Comedy Club, Cider Pong nights, karaoke, and many more. Make sure to ask staff for information on the specific events happening during your stay, or keep an eye on our poster boards and TV screens for all up to date information.

Is WI-FI free to use?

Of course! For all Clink Hostels, WI-FI is available all over the property and free of charge.

Can I rent a bike?

Yes, we offer bikes for rental in Amsterdam and Dublin for a small fee. We highly recommend reserving your bike when booking online at as there’s a limited amount at each property.

Do all rooms have power outlets for each guest?

Yes, all dorm beds and private rooms have individual sockets for guests to use privately.

What type of power sockets are in the hostel?

In Amsterdam, we have standard European power sockets running on 220 V and are compatible with type C. In London and Dublin we have power sockets running on 230V, the associated plug type is G, with three-pins. We recommend bringing your own adapter.

I left something behind, do you have a lost & found?

We do have a lost and found. If you have forgotten something in the hostel please let us know via email and we will keep it safe for you.

Security and Awareness

Is the hostel safe and secure?

Fun fact, 90% of people are caused by accidents. We can’t help that but we at Clink strive to provide a safe and accident free haven for travellers. Reception is open 24/7, so there’s always someone available if you have any issues or need a question answered. Alternatively chat to us through our messaging section in our Goki app.

Access to all the hostels is by key card or mobile phone key entry (as long as you have downloaded our Goki app before arrival).

Our security teams are on duty every night to ensure we can all sleep safe and sound. CCTV cameras are up and running in all communal areas and corridors.

What is social engineering?

Social engineering is a strategy scammers use. They pretend to be a trusted source and then try to trick people into giving them access to sensitive personal data. Online scammers usually pretend to be a well-known company, using a seemingly logical reason to ask you for your personal data and payments.

How can I avoid social engineering attempts?

There are known security tips and tricks that can help you avoid online scams:

Phishing emails will usually have a sense of urgency or spelling mistakes.

Need to contact us? It’s best to open a new tab and to go to our official website

Got an email with a link? Try to hover over it to see if the URL looks suspicious, or maybe is missing the known ‘https://’ at the beginning of it.


What do you consider as a group?

A group at Clink is 10 people or more travelling together. Special group terms and conditions will apply. For more information, we recommend you contact our group reservation team before making any booking at:

What is the maximum number of guests that can be booked as a group?

There is no maximum limit for group bookings in ClinkNOORD or Clink i Lár. In Clink261 there is a maximum of 20 guests.

We will consider any size depending on our availability for ClinkNOORD and Clink i Lár. We recommend you contact our group reservation team before making any booking at:

How do I make a group booking?

If you are more than 10 people in Dublin or Amsterdam, visit our Groups page and request a quote from there.

For group bookings in Clink261 in London you can book directly on our website, or send an email to

Can guests under the age of 18 stay at Clink Hostels?

Everyone at every age is welcome at Clink, but please note that bookings from any person under the age of 18 cannot be accepted unless they are accompanied by an adult (18 or over). Guests who wish to bring their children under 16 years of age must book a whole dorm or private room. For guests aged 16 or 17 years of age, they can book into one of the dorm rooms but must be accompanied by an adult (aged 18 or over). Unlike some hostels, we do not have an upper age limit, but most of our guests are backpackers in the 18 to 30 age range.

What is your groups age policy?

For ClinkNOORD, Clink i Lár, and Clink78, guests must be 15+ years old for arrival between March and October (inclusive), and 12+ years old from November through February (request ONLY – please inform us at the time of booking). An age restriction of 18+ always applies for Clink261.

How do you make the hostels safe for underage groups?

Each group member will be given a key card which enables access to our building and rooms. We have CCTV and security in the evenings and at night. Our reception is manned 24/7, and our main entrance is locked during late evenings and night so only guests can access the building.

Do you have a curfew?

At ClinkNOORD there is an 11pm curfew in place for all guests under the age of 18. Guests under 18 must be in their rooms/dorms by 11pm. A fine of £100/€100 may be imposed for breach of the curfew.

There is no curfew for Clink261, but we ask our guests to keep noise to a minimum after 10 pm to not disturb other guests.

At Clink i Lár there is a 9pm curfew for guests under the age of 18.

Can the whole group be put in the same dorm room or allocated on the same floor?

Due to the layout of the buildings and the room types chosen, we can’t always accommodate groups on the same floor. We will, however, do our best to place them as close together as possible.

What type of groups do you accept?

We accept all types of groups such as University & Colleges groups, Secondary groups, High School groups, Sports groups, Music groups, Associations, Special interest groups, Parties & Celebrations groups and families.

When and how do I pay for my group booking?

The payment policy varies depending on the group size and rate type selected. Please, refer to the payment policy in our terms and conditions for more details.

Do I need to pay a security deposit on arrival?

No security deposit needed, however please note that if the group damage the property or break rules, you will be fined on the spot. 

How can I amend/cancel my group booking?

You can amend / cancel your booking by sending an email to stating the name of the hostel you have booked, your group name and arrival date. Please be aware that a cancellation fee might apply. You can find more information about our group cancellation policy in our Ts & Cs page.

Can a group check-in online before arrival?

Groups can not check-in on line, however when organised through our groups department all group paperwork and keycards are prepared ahead of your arrival. This means your check-in process is fast and simple.

Can you help us plan the rest of our trip?

We’d be happy to. Our staff have a deep knowledge of the area you’re staying and are only too happy to impart their knowledge to anyone who asks. We can help you organise meals (packed lunch, dinners…), attractions tickets, transportation tickets, airport transfers, day trips, walking tours and more. We offer meeting rooms hire too and are always happy to think outside the box to create bespoke events, please just ask us!

How to get to Clink Hostels

ClinkNOORD (Amsterdam)

From Schiphol Airport, buy a cheap train ticket to Centraal Station from one of the yellow ticket machines in the airport arrivals hall. Check the time and platform of the next train heading to Amsterdam Centraal on the screens (the platform is usually number 2 or 5). The train runs every 15-30 minutes and it’s just a 15-20-minute journey into Amsterdam. Once at Centraal Station, follow the directions above. For more information, check out directions to ClinkNOORD on our website

Clink261 (London)

From Heathrow Airport, by train (cheapest option): Jump on the Piccadilly Line (Dark Blue) and head Northbound until you reach King’s Cross St Pancras. Get off here and follow the directions on the From King’s Cross & St. Pancras (Eurostar) section to get to the hostel – The journey takes about 50 minutes altogether.

From Gatwick Airport, by train (cheapest option): The Thameslink train takes you right to St. Pancras Station. From there, follow the directions on the From King’s Cross & St. Pancras (Eurostar) section to get to the hostel – The journey takes about 50 minutes in total. For more information, check out directions to Clink261 on our website

Clink78 (London)

From Heathrow Airport the train is the cheapest option. Take the Piccadilly Line (Dark Blue) all the way to King’s Cross St. Pancras and follow the directions on the From King’s Cross & St. Pancras (Eurostar) section to get to the hostel – The journey takes about 50 minutes in total.

From Gatwick Airport, by train (cheapest option): The Thameslink train takes you directly to St. Pancras Station. From there, follow the directions on the From King’s Cross & St. Pancras (Eurostar) section to get to the hostel – this journey takes about 50 minutes. For more information, check out directions to Clink78 on our website.

Clink i Lár (Dublin)

From Dublin airport: Take the Airlink Express 747 bus, which offers a direct connection from the airport to the city center. Get off at O’Connell Street, just a short walk away from our hostel. Another alternative, it’s cheaper but will be a longer journey, Take the Dublin Bus route 41 or 16 from the airport and alight at O’Connell Street.

Ecomama (Amsterdam)

From Schipol Airport, take any train to Amsterdam Central station. Travel time is 15 – 20 minutes. Tickets can be purchased from the ticket machines in the airport train station. One way tickets are €4,40. From Amsterdam Central. For more information, check our directions to Ecomama on our website

Cocomama (Amsterdam)

From Schipol Airport, Take a train to Amsterdam Central station. Travel time is 15 – 20 minutes. Tickets can be purchased from the ticket machines in the airport train station. For more information, check our directions to Cocomama on our website.

Food and Drinks

Do you serve breakfast?


Book in advance to enjoy a discounted all-you-can-eat ‘Breakfast of Champions’. Just £4.50 when you book before your stay or £5.50 on the day. Tuck into toast and spreads, fruit salad, yogurt, cereal, juice, tea, and coffee. (Served between 7-10am).

Fuel up for the day with our great value breakfast, including a selection of cereals, breads, cheeses, meats, fresh fruit, hot items and much more. As well as plenty of juices, teas, and coffees to choose from. Just €7.90 when you book before your stay or €9.90 on the day. Breakfast is served from: Mon-Fri 7-10.30 am, Sat-Sun 8-11.30 am.

Our delicious breakfast is served from 7-10.30 am on Monday – Friday, and 8-11am on Saturday & Sunday. Breakfast is €8.40 when you book online before your stay or €10.50 at the hostel.

Do you serve lunch and dinner?

We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, and we have food and drink vending machines that you can use 24/7. Our Cafe is open 24/7, and our bar and Canteen opening hours run on a seasonal bases.

Do you have a self-catering kitchen to cook my own food in?

At Clink261 in London, the self-catering kitchen is open from 12.30pm until midnight.

Guest kitchens are not available at Clink i Lár or ClinkNOORD.

What time does the bar and restaurant open and close at?

Our Cafe is open 24/7 at reception, however our Canteen opening times are seasonal and dependent on occupancy levels within the hostel, the times of the canteen opening are displayed around the hostel.

Can I bring my own food to the hostel?

Sorry! You can’t bring food ordered by external companies into Clink Hostels. However, we do have a cafe/restaurant and bar at each property, so you’re never left with tummy rumbles

Can I pre-book my meal?

You can pre-book breakfast when you book online. And, if you’re in a group, we take pre-bookings for lunch and dinner. For any meal requests, please get in touch with the local team directly.

Do you offer vegan or gluten-free options?

Our breakfast and Canteen can offer both Vegan and gluten free options, just let the staff know your requirements and they will assist you from there. Our Cafe also offers many tasty vegan options.

I need to check-out early, do you offer takeaway breakfast?

Our cafe is open in reception 24/7, so if you need to pick up some breakfast before you leave early we will be happy to help you there.

Do you serve alcohol in the hostels? Can I bring and drink my own alcohol?

You’re not allowed to bring alcohol into any of our hostels. If you fancy a cheeky drink, head to the ClashBAR in London, ZincBAR in Amsterdam or Wunderbar in Dublin. Due to our bar license, guests cannot bring their own alcohol onto our premises.


How do I request my personal details/information are removed from your database?

Please send data deletion requests to

How do I unsubscribe from your emails?

If you no longer wish to receive emails from us, please click the unsubscribe button at the bottom of any email from us. Be warned your in-box will be considerably less interesting if you do.


How do I apply to work for Clink Hostels?

You don’t have to be crazy to work here, we will train you. If you are interested in joining our team, you can find all our current opened positions on our career page – We’d love to hear from you xo

Who should I contact for PR/marketing enquiries or collaboration?

For all PR or marketing queries, please email

How can I get an invoice?

Please use the details inside your booking confirmation email as an invoice. If you need assistance contact Invoices, however, can only be provided by our reservations department for groups of 10 or more.

Does Clink Hostels offer accommodation / work schemes?

There are currently no formal schemes in place, however, feel free to get in touch with the local team to establish if there are any opportunities available.

How can I get in contact?

Get in touch with our reservations team by giving them a call on +44(0)20 7183 9400

If you need to contact the hostels directly, ring the numbers below:

Clink78: +44 (0)20 34753000

Clink261: +44 (0)20 77137789

ClinkNOORD: +31 20 214 9730

Clink i Lar: +353 1 963 9050

Or feel free to get in touch at the contact form below:

What are the hostel’s details for Visa Applications?

Please find our details on each of our hostels below:



Contact number : 0031202149730

Address: ClinkNOORD, Badhuiskade 3, 1031 KV Amsterdam, The Netherlands

For more information please contact our reservations team on



Contact number : 00442034753000

Address: Clink78, 78 King’s Cross Rd, London, WC1X 9QG, UK

For more information please contact our reservations team on reservations78



Contact number : 00442077137789

Address: Clink261, 261-265 Grays Inn Road, London, WC1X 8QT, UK

For more information please contact our reservations team on

Clink i Lar

Contact number : +353 1 963 9050

Address: 35 – 36 Abbey Street Upper, North City, Dublin, D01 Y3Y7, Ireland

For more information please contact our reservations team on

Do you provide confirmation letters for embassies?

Nope, sorry! We don’t have the capacity to be able to handle these kinds of requests.