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F it, we’re heading to Amsterdam

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happy girl skipping along an Amsterdam canal

A’dam fine place!

Europe’s bars, bikes and restaurants capital is waiting. So, step off the beaten track with us and start exploring today. There’s always something happening. In fact, it would be more difficult trying to find nothing to do in Amsterdam.

Our famous Art Deco hostel on the IJ River, is just minutes from Centraal Station and the free 24hr shuttle ferry delivering you to our doorstep!

ClinkNOORD Hostel in Amsterdam
  • A social space at ClinkNOORD hostel in Amsterdam with couches, plants and an arcade game
  • The This Is Holland tourist attraction in Amsterdam Noord
  • a social area with seating in ClinkNOORD hostel in Amsterdam
  • Dam Square in Amsterdam with tourists and people passing by
  • Zinc bar at ClinkNOORD hostel in Amsterdam stocked with beers, wine, spirits, soft drinks
  • the Moco Museum in Amsterdam Noord with people passing by
  • a bicycle decorated with flowers and an artistic statue at the Atrium area of ClinkNOORD hostel in Amsterdam
  • The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam
  • a social area in ClinkNOORD hostel with seating and a pool table in the day time
  • a boat sailing on the River Ij in Amsterdam
  • the reception area at ClinkNOORD hostel in Amsterdam
  • the Galaxy Room at ClinkNOORD hostel in Amsterdam with table tennis tables and a mural of the solar system on the walls
  • Zinc bar at ClinkNOORD hostel in Amsterdam
  • an artistic stained glass window at ClinkNOORD hostel in Amsterdam


Guests enjoying food at clink hostel

‘dam good food

Meet new friends over some head-spinning cocktails in our ZincBAR or chow down and share travel experiences over a brew at the Catalyst Cafe.


people interacting with eachother at Clink

better together

We’re convinced it’s possible to travel differently. That’s why we love sustainable actions, teaming up with local associations to make a difference.