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In the beginning…

Once upon a time there were two sisters from Dublin, Anne and Shelly. Both were curious and adventurous young women. One day, they decided to embark on a journey to travel the world.

As they journeyed from one beautiful country to the next, the girls stayed in a variety of hostels. They met and connected with so many interesting people along the way and each with their own stories and experiences to share.

The more hostels the girls stayed in, the more they began to realise their dream of owning their own. Both loved the sense of community and belonging that came with staying in a hostel and were certain they could create something special of their own.

Upon returning home, they knew that their journey was just beginning. Inspired by their experiences, they wanted to create a space where like-minded travellers could share their stories and ideas.

“That’s why when we opened our first hostel, we made it a priority to make it a real social hub, and we’ve kept that priority at the heart of all our hostels ever since.”

first stop…London!

Working tirelessly and pouring all their energy and passion into their dream, in 1997, they took the plunge and opened their own hostel in Ashlee House, a mere skip and a hop from Kings Cross station in London.

One sunny day, they stumbled upon an old courthouse in the heart of Kings Cross that had been abandoned for many years. As they explored the old building, they were filled with a sense of excitement and possibility, knowing for certain, they could breathe new life into the old courthouse.

They worked hard to transform the space, preserving the rich history and character of the building while adding their own unique touches. The old cells were filled with cozy beds and bold colours, and they even added a fantastic bar named in honour of ‘The Clash’ (who were put on trial there for an unfortunate incident involving some pigeons, but that’s another story).

It reopened with the name Clink! (Why ‘Clink’ you may ask? It’s an old English slang word for prison, and with its old prison cells and courtrooms, the name for the new hostel was perfect!).

And so, it became Clink Hostels, Ashlee House was renamed Clink261 and the old courthouse, Clink78.

the Dam

But the adventures didn’t stop there. “The Dam has always been one of our favourites, with its beautiful architecture, great museums, and all-so-interesting nightlife.” One day whilst cycling along the winding canals, they found the perfect spot.

Previously an old Shell Head Office and laboratory, this impressive Art Deco building on the banks of the River Ij was the perfect destination for travellers. A space in which to create new stories and meet new friends. When the doors of ClinkNOORD opened in 2015, they knew that they had created something truly special.

in the heart of Dublin

After the success of Clink Hostels in London and Amsterdam, the team couldn’t resist the idea of bringing their concept back to their hometown of Dublin and after much searching, they found the perfect location, Abbey Street.

Naming the new hostel ‘Clink i Lár,’ translated as ‘in the midst of’ The location in the middle of Dublin made it easy for backpackers to explore all the city had to offer. Clink i Lár has quickly become a beloved destination for backpackers from all over the world, offering a warm and welcoming experience, as only the Irish can offer.

The Clink team couldn’t be prouder of what they have created, knowing that their dream of bringing people and places together to create new travel stories has truly come to life.

Clinks continued success is driven through our key values.

| Guest |

Guests are at the heart of Clink. We want to help shape their travel story. Be a genuine place to share real ideas; observe, listen, learn, and engage – this is one of many constants we cherish in an ever-changing world.

| In-Tune |

In-tune with ourselves, our Clinkees, guests, partners, the market, and world around us.

| Dedication |

Creating real value and a positive impact for our guests, our business and ourselves.

| Different |

We are proud to be different in what we create, how we operate, think, and make people feel.

Our values provided the foundation on which the company was built and are continually lived through our actions and behaviours every day. Every decision made for the company, from the people hired, future hostel openings to who we work with are all considered with the values in mind. Without our values we are the same as everyone else and as you can see, we aim to be different!