Like any other major city, London has a dark and shadowed history that may shock and amaze you. From tales about Jack the Ripper, who was never captured, to rumours of The Vampire Cult Clubs, or the “fictional” stories of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, London’s chilling and haunted past has something for every one.

To help you find the scariest and most ghoulish tours in London, the Clink Hostels team has come together to brave the most terrifying attractions and found the best ones for you during your stay in London.

Original London Horror Tours

To start with, there is The Original London Horror Tours. Founded in 2002, London Horror Tours has several tours to choose from. There are some that run on a daily basis and others that can be booked to suit your time, but bookings must be for more than 5 people and booked at least 3 days in advance.

They have a variety of tours to choose from including Sherlock Holmes, The Krays Twins, and Original Pirate tours. Not for the fainthearted.

The Ghost Bus Tours

Another great tour is The Ghost Bus Tours. This horror bus tour is a theatrical sightseeing tour on a converted 1060’s Routemaster bus, taking  you on a ride through the darkest and scariest parts of London’s history. Hear about many of the city’s sites where murder, executions and torture happened. Sights include The Tower of London, Westminster Abbey and many more.

Tours run daily at 7:30pm and 9:00pm from Northumberland Avenue, just off Trafalgar Square. The prices are £20.00 per adult and £14.00 per child.

London’s Ghost Walks and Tours

If a bus isn’t really your thing, then why not try London’s Ghost Walks and Tours. Get guided around the darker recesses of London and hear about ghostly and hair raising ghost stories that will make you jump out of your skin.

Richard Jones is the tour’s think tank. He has been writing about the ghosts of Britain and Ireland for over 30 years, has published many books and articles in newspapers and magazines, and has appeared on a variety of TV programmes. He has also worked with the Mayor of London to produce a list of the most haunted places in London. He is a leading man in the horrible and haunted history of the capital, so you know he will give a fantastic tour!

He does one tour on Friday and another on Saturday. The Friday tour starts from outside The Lord Raglan Pub, ST. Martin, Le Grand Close, near St. Pauls Station. The Saturday tour starts from outside exit three of Bank Station. Prices start from £9.00 per person for this disturbingly interesting tour.

The London Dungeon

One of London’s most popular things to do is The London Dungeon. The theatrical tour has a cast of highly trained actors, special effects, spectacular scenes and a thrilling ghost ride, in a truly unique and exciting walkthrough tour where you will be able to see, hear, touch, smell and feel fear. Scaring the pants off visitors for almost 40 years, this 90 minute tour will have you leaving with more knowledge of London’s questionable past.

All shows are based on the real events and legends of London’s history, including Sweeny Todd and Guy Fawkes. The London Dungeons are open every day from 10am, except Thursdays when they are open from 11am. Prices start from around £17.50 per person, but best to book in advance for the cheaper prices.

London Bridge Experience and London Tombs

Lastly, and our absolute favourite, is The London Bridge Experience and London Tombs. London Bridge has seen it all; from Boudicca’s bloody vengeance against the invading Romans, through to the incarnation of John Rennie Bridge and displays of traitor heads and stories about Jack the Ripper.

After that, dive straight into the depths of the London Tombs where 1000s of men, women and children were laid to rest, but have reawakened from their crypts and are coming to get you! With a mixture of animatronics and real life actors ready to make you wet yourselves, this one is not for the fainthearted or young children, as it is chronically scary! The tour is on every day and prices start from £15.00 per person.

For more information and tickets for these amazing and horrifying tours, please come to our TravelShop in Clink78 or reception in Clink261, and our highly knowledgeable staff will be happy to help with all your ghostly interests.

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