Amsterdam is a hugely popular travel destination, and it’s not hard to see why. With picturesque canals, an epic selection of bars, and no end of cultural gems, the Dutch capital really has something for everyone. As well as being a top spot to visit, it also makes a great springboard to discover the rest of the Netherlands. The city is very well connected, so you’ll have no trouble catching a train or coach to some of the Netherland’s best attractions. Check out some of our top day trips from Amsterdam below.

1. Zaanse Schans

Travel time: 30-40 mins
Why go? Epic scenery and photo ops 

Quaint, cute, and very, very, Dutch. Zannse Scahns is a small, historic village that is home to some of the Netherlands’ most famous windmills. It’s also one of the most photographed landscapes in the country!  If you’re a budding photographer or a windmill enthusiast, then this is the day trip for you.

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2. Edam

Travel time: 30 – 35 mins
Why go? For the love of cheese

Edam cheese has been a famous Dutch export since the Golden age, so what better way to get a true taste of culture than a day trip to Edam. As well as heaps of cheese-related fun, Edam also houses a shopping district, museums and plenty of cozy terraces perfect for an autumn evening drink.

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3. Kinderdijk

Travel time: 1hr 20 mins 
Why go?  For a slice of human history

With 19 perfectly preserved windmills, beautiful waterways, and winding bike trails, a visit to Kinderdijk is the ideal day trip from Amsterdam. Originally built to keep the low-lying lands of the Alblasserwaard dry, Kinderdijk is now a shining historical example of human ingenuity and our capacity to harness the power of mother nature. Complete with a UNESCO World Heritage Status, this historical little spot is a must-visit when exploring the Netherlands.

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4. Gouda

Travel Time: 50 mins 
Why go? For more cheese!

Say cheese! If you didn’t get your fill of cheese in Edam, or you simply prefer the nutty flavour of Gouda cheese then this is the day trip for you in the Netherlands. From The Markt, the central square with its iconic town hall to the beautiful stained-glass windows of the Sint-Jans church and from street food to the first Fairtrade street in the Netherlands, there are plenty of things to discover in this beautiful historic city.

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5. Rotterdam

Travel Time: 60 mins 
Why go? Stunning city views 

Although similar to Amsterdam, the city of Rotterdam is truly charming in its own special way. Packed full of trendy cafes, stylish restaurants, and iconic architecture, this beautiful city is a haven for foodies and those that admire a picturesque cityscape. Oh and P.S, there are plenty of gin bars that are not to be missed.

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It’s time to get out there and explore! Don’t forget to give us a message on our Facebook or Instagram if you have any other suggestions for day trips from Amsterdam!


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