Once you’ve been to London in the summer, you’ll want to come back year after year. With Rooftop Bars, Wimbledon and the some of the world’s finest festivals, you might not even want to go home … Here’s 7 reasons why you’ve got to visit London this summer! 

1. Beer Gardens are the best

If there’s one thing the Brits do well, it’s beer gardens. When the sun comes out to play, the gardens and courtyards attached to London’s pubs come into their own. City dwellers venture outside to enjoy ice cold pints of beer and jugs of Pimms and, for those few delicious sunny hours, you sure don’t want to be anywhere else.

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2. Everyone has Wimbledon fever 

There’s something about a good, old fashioned sporting event that puts the Brits in high spirits. When Wimbledon rolls around, the city comes to life and Londoners get a whole lot more friendly – so it’s a great time to visit! Even if you can’t get tickets to the real thing, there’s screens all around the city showing the matches – so grab some fizz, a punnet of strawberries and settle in for some centre court excitement!

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3. You can take in the views – with a cocktail! 

London has a skyline like no other and there’s no better place to take it all in from one of the city’s many rooftop bars. As the sun goes down on a summer’s evening, head up high, grab a cocktail and wonder at the city from a whole different perspective. There’s plenty to choose from – a few of our favourites are Netil 360, Frank’s Café (on top of a Peckham Multi-Story Car Park!) and, for something a little swankier, the ME Hotel.

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4. There’s some gorgeous green Spaces

If you’re visiting a big city in the summer, it might feel a lot like there’s nowhere to escape the heat and the hustle and bustle of the streets. London, however, is packed with green spaces. In fact, 47% of the capital city is made up of parks, woodland or gardens! That means that, wherever you are in the city, you’re never more than a stone throw from a nice place to go and relax with a book or find some shade under one of the city’s eight million trees!

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5. Street Markets come to life

London’s markets a real part of the city’s history. Each market has its own unique character that very much reflects the neighbourhood it inhabits. There’s something particularly charming about wandering along, browsing the various stalls on a gorgeous sunny day. For flowers, head to Columbia Road, for foodie delights – Borough Market. There’s loads more to discover, read the guide to some of our favourites.

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6. Live Music is everywhere 

The country that brought the world The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and David Bowie sure knows how to throw a good music concert. British Summer Time Festival takes place in Hyde Park over two weekends in June and July. Londoners pray that the sun shines – and if not, the trusty ponchos come out!

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7. Barbecues are big! 

The weather in the U.K is changeable, to say the least. You never know how long a spell of good weather is going to last, so when the sun comes out Brits are known to panic buy meat, bread and booze to throw spontaneous barbecues in their back gardens or in parks. You’ll also find them sipping Pimms and descending on British beaches to dip their toes in the sea!

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