When travelling to a new place, you can get wrapped up in the idea of making it the most fun, jam-packed weekend of your life. As much as that’s a great ambition to have, it’s not always what you might need, mentally. Some times you need to take a step back and chill out.

That’s why we’re creating a selection of guides to help you wind down on your weekend away in this wonderfully, wacky city. See a different side to Amsterdam and indulge in an abundance of relaxing activities – reinvent yourself and quite literally, take a break from day to day life.

Why yoga?

Yoga is well-known to be tranquilising, it calms the mind, body, and soul and lets you wind down. All too often we get carried away thinking and neglect reflecting. That’s where doing yoga can help you reign in your inner hot-head and cool off.

The History of Yoga

Yoga began as an ancient practice that originated in India thousands of years ago. It was developed as a way of achieving harmony between the heart and soul, to help its practicers onto a path to divine enlightenment.

The History of Yoga

Source: Health Pro

Good to know: Prior to the modern-day, yoga didn’t involve physical postures but instead, focused on a path of rational self-inquiry and sought to rid ignorance of one’s true nature. Postures were then incorporated by a man named Patanjali who did so to discipline the body and create a body and conscious connection.

The Benefits

1. Improved flexibility, strength, and posture. Yoga involves stretching and toning your muscles which in turn improves posture and strength.

2. Better all-round fitness. Yoga is a physical activity that requires strength and endurance. As a result, by practicing it regularly, you’ll have better all-round fitness.

3. Weight loss. Like any physical activity, yoga is great for helping to keep you active which is great for shifting any unwanted extra weight and tone your body.

4. Increase your energy. Exercise releases happy hormones, known as endorphins. These hormones help you on your way to feeling physically and mentally refreshed.

5. Reduce stress. As well as releasing happy hormones, yoga also helps to clear the mind from any worries and think happy thoughts.

6. Breathe better. Each move in yoga is often done in a number of counts. You are to inhale for one part of the move and then exhale for the other. This helps you learn how to control breathing and improve lung function.

7. Be happier. If you’re reducing your stress and giving yourself a new burst of energy, you’ll no doubt feel happier in yourself.

8. Great for everyone. Unlike some physical activities, yoga is super light on the body making it ideal for everyone!

Intrigued about yoga? Check out the best yoga classes in Amsterdam below. These include hot yoga and the must-visit yoga studios in Amsterdam that are loved by the locals.

The Best Yoga Classes in Amsterdam

Below is a list of yoga studios in Amsterdam that offer some of the best yoga classes. Whether you’re a beginner or avid meditator, there are plenty to choose from to suit your style – we’re just giving you a handful.

Delight Yoga Amsterdam

Delight Yoga was created by Wessel Paternote in 2006 to bring a clean and light space, inspired by Zen Buddhism, where authentic teachings of yoga were made accessible for a broader audience.

Today you can visit their silent spaces to reconnect with yourself and find inner peace. Their experienced yoga hosts invite you to step back from the pressures of contemporary living and help you find peace and happiness.

With yoga classes on throughout the day, you can pick a time that suits you, at a level you’re capable of practising. With two introductory classes for just €17 Delight, Yoga Amsterdam is pretty backpacker, budget-friendly too. Start your road to inner happiness today!


Delight Yoga Amsterdam | Yoga Classes in Amsterdam

Source: Delight Yoga

Movements Yoga Amsterdam

Another great yoga studio in Amsterdam is Movements Yoga. Perfect for those new to yoga, they offer a great 1 on 1 experience before and after the class to help you gain an insight into how to make the most of their classes. Plus, their state of the art facilities gets you equipped with free yoga mats and fresh towels, free of charge.

Classes here include; Hot Pilates, Yoga Fit and Hot Flow classes. A little different from the traditional practices of yesteryear but great for those wanting to experiment and expand their yoga knowledge. If you’re peckish after class there’s also a tea lounge and a relaxing garden to wind down in.



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Svaha Yoga Amsterdam

Svaha Yoga offers groovy, Vinyasa flow yoga – which is straight-up amazing. Birthed from Patrick and Gosta’s love of the activity, this yoga studio has been running for over 15, very peaceful years.

Svaha Yoga is the first Vinyasa yoga studio in Amsterdam and since opening, has spurred many likeminded people to take up the unconventional yoga format. If you’re looking to break away from yoga convention, this is the studio for you.

Not only do they offer Vinyasa yoga classes but also Sivananda yoga and a range of massages to give you the full, relaxation experience that we all need sometimes.


Svaha Yoga Studio - Jordaan | Yoga in Amsterdam | Clink Hostels

Source: Svaha Yoga Yagoy Amsterdam

If you’re looking for a slightly more urban yoga class, Yagoy (Yoga Your Way) has you covered. With their bundle packages, you can get a yoga class from as little as €6. So, if you’re in the city for a while, it’s a great, cost-efficient way to meet new people and get on your way to enlightenment.

Yagoy’s yoga classes run from o6:00 AM to 08:30 PM so you have plenty of time to book up a slot that’ll suit your routine. Just be mindful that the evenings and early mornings will often get a little busier.


Yoga Your Way Amsterdam | Cheap Yoga Classes in Amsterdam | Clink

Source: Yagoy

De Nieuwe Yogaschool Amsterdam

De Nieuwe Yogaschool offers one of the greatest ranges of yoga classes in Amsterdam. From pilates, Flow4All, Strong Flow, Hatha Restorative, Yin Yoga and Kundalini, there’s a wide selection of yoga practices to try until you find your favourite.

Like many other yoga studios in Amsterdam, their experienced staff members can help you gain a better understanding of meditation. They also have a selection of educational videos that you can watch in whilst waiting for a class or as easy entertainment whilst relaxing in your ClinkNOORD accommodation.


De Niewue Yogaschool | Yoga Classes Amsterdam | Clink Hostels

Source: De Nieuwe Yogaschool

Studio 191

Last but by no means least is Studio 191. As well as offering high-class yoga sessions, this wellness studio also offers Barre, Pilates, HIIT workouts, Core Concepts and Surf activities, all with the goal to better your body and mind.

With Studio 191 you get variety. Get sweaty in a HIIT class, then chill out and relax with a yoga session. This studio is a great spot to find some Zen and look after your body.


Incorporate your yoga learnings in everyday life

Don’t confine your new learnings to the realms of the yoga studio. Happiness shouldn’t be limited to a place or person. Take your new findings with you on the road and apply them in everyday life, easily, with some of the following ways:

1. Seek balance in everything. 

Life is a constant balancing act. It’s important that we stop worrying about the little things all of the time and start looking at the positives. Seeking this balance and countering the negatives with positives can help you find happiness in your day-to-day routine.

2. Monitor your body

The healthiest people are those in touch with themselves physically. With the poses found in modern-day yoga, we are asked to pay attention to our physical selves. As a result, you’ll start to notice that you’re getting stronger and more flexible, loosening you up a little – great for cultivating anxiety-free associations.

Yoga Practices | Yoga in Amsterdam | Clink Hostels

3. Breathe deeply

You’ll practice your breathing patterns a lot during yoga which is great for your overall wellness. Although your breathing is vital all of the time, it rarely gets any scrutiny on a day to day basis. Start to pay attention to your breathing when sat on the train, at work, lying in bed and similar, not just when doing the downward dog. This will help you fight the stress of life on the road.

4. Eat mindfully

Another great way to start being happier and healthier is through eating mindfully. It’s true, “you are what you eat”. Just remember, a healthy lifestyle is all about balance.

Hopefully, now you are equipped to have a wholesome weekend in Amsterdam through practising yoga. You’ve got your hands on the list of go-to yoga classes in Amsterdam from some of the top yoga studios.

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Alternatively, stay tuned for our next wholesome weekend guide so that you can stay smiling and positive when exploring this beautiful Dutch city.