We’ve trawled the local communities surrounding our hostels to find some projects you can get involved with. Want to help re-build a local school? Clean the canals or litter pick the local parks? The possibilities are endless. Scroll through the causes below and see where you can help – in exchange, we’ll give you a free bed! If you’d rather suggest a cause you’re personally passionate about, please mention it in our request form.


Volunteers are a hardy bunch, but making a real difference in the world can be hard work! To help keep them smiling and motivate new troops, we need companies to step up. A discounted train journey,  free lunch or free T-shirt goes a long way! Anything you can do to help out will be appreciated. We’ll give companies that get involved, a shout-out on our social channels to let the world know that they are making a difference.

If you’re a local business wanting to make a change, then please click below for more info.


It’s a tricky time at the moment. Thanks to Covid-19, the world has gone a bit topsy-turvy. If you’re locked down and can’t travel or you’re a company that wants to help out, there’s still plenty of ways to show your support. Check out the tiles below to see how you can help. If you have any smart ideas on how to make a real difference we would love to hear about them too, don’t be a stranger – get in touch!

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