If you’re heading to London to celebrate Chinese New Year, or you’re just looking for somewhere to eat, check out Clink’s guide to the 7 of the best Chinese Restaurants in London …

1. Jen

Where is it? 4-8 Newport Place WC2H 7JP 
Why we love it? For its no frills attitude and fresh to death dumplings that keep us coming back for more.

If, like us, you’re a dumpling obsessive, then Jen is bound to be a firm favourite. Bargain meal hunters will find joy in the ‘Beijing dumplings’ for a mere five British pounds. Spend another pound to sample the wonton soup whose stock really packs a punch.You’ll spot this green-painted cafe on a prominent corner in Chinatown where cooks wrap hand-made dumplings in the window.

Jen Cafe Clink Hostels Best Chinese Restaurants London

Image courtesy of timeout.com

2. TPT

Where is it? 21 Wardour Street, W1D 6PN 
Why we love it? Tasty food, friendly service and plenty of choice

With a kitchen that hardly looks bigger than your nan’s guest loo, it’s a wonder to see the huge range of gastronomic dishes that emerge at TPT. Here, however, quantity does not mean inferior quality. The Cantonese dishes are a particular strong point, along with their seafood offering. Tuck into a the spicy aubergine & minced pork hot pot with salted fish or, for the veggies, try the sizzling tofu served in a hot stone bowl.

Clink Hostels Best Chinese Restaurants London TPT

Image courtesy of chinatown.co.uk

3. Cha Chaan Teng

Where is it? 36-38 Kingsway, WC2B 6EY
Why we love it? Because sometimes out of the ordinary is just the ticket

This isn’t the most authentic spot in our arsenal of favourite Chinese restaurants, but their offering sure is delicious – if a little bit bonkers! Cha Chaan Teng is where East meets West as Chinese comfort food collides with Western classics. Think hoisin coca-cola ribs and seasoned fries with curry sauce. Head to this eclectic spot for a kitsch and unique dining experience.

Cha Chang Teng Clink Hostels Best Chinese Restaurants London

Image courtesy of sharkingforchipsanddrinks.com

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4. My Neighbours The Dumplings

Where is it? 165 Lower Clapton Road, E5 8EQ
Why we love it? Because we love dumplings. Oh, did we mention that already?

Ok, you got us, it’s another dumpling restaurant (can you tell how much we love these little balls of exploding flavour?) but we couldn’t miss out this new (ish) kid on the East London block ‘My Neighbours The Dumplings.’ Originally a pop up concept, MNTD now sits on trendy Lower Clapton Road. Here, you’ll find hipster style asian dining with shared small plates that combine traditional Chinese dishes with other Asian influences.

My Neighbours The Dumplings Clink Hostels Best Chinese Restaurants London

Image courtesy of timeout.com

5. Little Lamb

Where is it? 72 Shaftsbury Avenue, W1D 6NA
Why we love it? Because their big broths are like a hug in a bowl

Little lamb specialises in big hearty hot pots in a relaxed and informal setting. A large pot of broth is placed in the middle of the table and you and your fellow diners are welcome to choose up to five ingredients that you submerge into the pot to cook, each for a set price of £23. Round up some new mates at Clink and head on over!

Little Lamb Clink Hostels Best Chinese Restaurants London

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6. Hung’s

Where is it? 27 Wardour Street, W1D 6PR
Why we love it? Because who doesn’t love a Chinese joint that’s open 24 hours a day?!

Here’s one for all you late night revellers and, perhaps, the clue is in the name. Maybe, just maybe, a stop at hung’s to chow down on some noodles in the wee small hours could go some way to help prevent the hang(over) that inevitably follows a night on the tiles in central London … Expect Cantonese classics and tasty noodle soups.

Hung's Best Chinese Restaurants London Clink Hostels

Image courtesy of londonist.com

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7. Four Seasons

Where is it? 12 Gerrard Street
Why we love it? Because when hunger strikes, Four Seasons can guarantee that you will be VERY well fed

Famous for its golden trio of roasted meats: duck, barbecued pork and crispy belly pork, you’ll do well to head to this soho eatery with an empty stomach. Portions are big and tasty and these three specialities are enough to keep the crowds coming back. That said, its worth exploring other menu options if you’re feeling adventurous.

Four Seasons Chinese Clink Hostels Best Chinese Restaurants London

Image courtesy of timeout.com

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