London has plenty of tours that you can take to see all of the main sights of London that are interesting and very insightful. But what about the rest of London, what about the parts that never get talked about and people never see, well don’t fret, there are plenty of alternative tours and secret tour available for you and your friends.

London has many hidden secrets and quite a dark past at times, so why not take one of the ghoulish and ghost bus tours or the Jack the Ripper Tour.

The Ghost Bus Tour of London will take you on a theatrical bus tour through the dark heart of the city. You will find out, from the theatrical guides, about the gruesome history of some of London’s main attractions, including London Bridge, Tower of London, Houses of Parliament and many more. The tour picks up at Northumberland Avenue, around the corner from Trafalgar Square, at 7:30pm, daily, and runs until around 9pm. The bus will be stopped out side the Grand Hotel, opposite the Sherlock Holmes Pub. Prices start from £14.00 and are available from the Travel Shop or from their own website.

The Jack the Ripper Tour is amazingly insightful and scary tour, as well as a very gruesome tour. Take a history horror tour of all the places London’s first serial killer struck and all of the parts of the city that had a big part to play in the ripper’s story. Also, the tour will take you down Fleet Street and tell you the story about the fictional character Sweeney Todd. The tour starts from Exit 3 of Aldgate East Station, 7 days week at 7:30pm.

If the dark and scary isn’t your thing, then why not try on of the tours about London’s street art. The best one available is the Insider London Street Art and Graffiti Tour. This tours last around 2 hours and will explore the 2D and 3D works of Banksy, Space Invader, Fairey (OBEY Posters) and many more. Also, they will show you where Banksy and D*Face crashed their cars and the HQ of the street artists collective. There is also The Alternative London’s Tour that which was established to showcase East London’s incredible creativity whilst giving insights into important historical and cultural events that has made the area what it is today. They also offer Street Art workshops, where you can try your own skills at making some street art.

Another new and alternative tour is a tour of the fastest growing tech and innovation area of London, called Silicon Roundabout. This up and coming area is responsible for over 15,720 companies launching in the area in 2012 and also 76% of central London’s growth in 2011. The tour will go over the details of how the area earned it’s name and how it is working to make things better for London. You will also get shown Old Street, a rival to Silicon Valley in America, as well as what makes this street so vital to the future of Britain.

A great and funny tour to take is the London Loo Tour. Explore the history of the public “bogs” (toilets) in London and find out about the history of how the many different words for a toilet came from. The highly knowledgeable tour guides are like part time comedians too. It is a great and hilarious way to find out about different things and toilets in London.

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