The hostel experience will, for now, look and feel a little different. Clink are, however, committed to balancing a real concern for safety with its guests’ love for travel and its mission to bring people and places together.

We are doing all we can to keep our hostels spotless and in tip-top shape for all of our guests. If you have any suggestions or specific requests with regards to our safety measures, are team is happy to answer any questions.

Our UK response and control measures are based on industry best practices, government guidance, and are in-line with The World Travel Tourism Council’s ‘Safe Travels‘ Global Protocols.

Our Dutch hostels have been approved for the Shield Safety “Safe To Trade” scheme. This is the only COVID-19 assured system recognised by local Government and has been developed in conjunction with Government Agencies.



Whilst our team would love to see you at reception, if you would prefer a contactless experience you’ll be glad to hear we’re working towards making that possible.

  • Currently you can complete your check-in and payment pre-arrival, meaning minimum contact when you get to the hostel. Very shortly we’ll also be able to issue your key as either a PIN by email or an electronic key on your phone
  • We’re working towards making all our information, tips and tricks digital so we can share this with you electronically
  • You can contact the hostel team in-app or through Whatsapp at any time
  • Please note that, to further reduce risk, the Clink Team are only accepting card payments

Don’t stand too close to me

We’ve made some changes to ensure you can keep your distance whilst still having a great time. We’ve added:

  • Floor markings
  • Separation screens
  • Bed partitions
  • One-way corridors
  • Recommended seating and reconfigured furniture layouts
  • Signage to remind you and capacity notifications for certain areas
  • Occupancy restrictions in elevators – please use the stairs if you can!
  • Changes to our usual events and creative program to keep everybody safe

Keep it clean

Clink Hostel’s cleaning methods are those prescribed and approved by either Ecolab or Diversey, based on practices in healthcare settings. We will:

  • Increase cleaning and sanitising of common areas, receptions, touchpoints in line with occupancy and protocols
  • Limit contact with your room or bed by cleaning after check-out or on request
  • Ensure that all of our linen is sanitised and laundered off-site in approved commercial facilities
  • Install an independent air filter in each room to limit the potential for contamination

Keep me clean

  • Shared showers and WCs have increased frequency of cleaning in line with occupancy and protocols
  • Last cleaned information always on display to keep you informed
  • You can contact a member of the Clink team 24 hours per day to clean an area, appropriate products are available in all shared bathrooms for our guest’s use
  • Bathrooms will be restricted to certain rooms; this ensures guests are spread throughout the building

Hungry & thirsty

There are country-specific restrictions on food and drink that we will follow to ensure safety. These include but are not limited to:

  • Takeaway breakfast options
  • Reduced offering in our bars and cafes to ensure your food and drinks can be prepared as safely as possible
  • Reduced staff
  • Recommended places to sit
  • Full sanitising of furniture between use
  • Digital Menus
  • Accreditation of our suppliers
  • Card payments only

Looking your best

Our team have access to the country recommended PPE and guests can access hand sanitiser, hand wash facilities, and surface sanitiser throughout our hostels whenever they need.

We’re here for you

Most importantly our team are experts in their cities and can help you whenever you need. If you feel unwell or need assistance during your stay our team are ready to help 24 hours a day.