If you think hostels are just for party people, gap year backpackers and budget travellers, then think again. With everything from comfortable, private en-suite dorm rooms and self-catering kitchens, to social spaces and onsite bars, hostels might actually be better suited to a family stay than hotels… But don’t just take our word for it, come and experience it for your self.

If you still need some convincing, check out the top five reasons why families should stay in a hostel below.

1. Super Social

Unlike hotels that tend to promote their privacy and tranquillity, hostels are social places – especially ClinkNOORD. At hostels, instead of hiding away in their room, people hang out in communal areas chatting, eating or playing pool. This is great news for single parents who want to meet other adults while on the road.

2. Not confined to a hotel room

As every parent will know, kids get a little restless after a few hours of city exploring and in the evenings they need stimulation to stop them from running wild. Fortunately, at hostels, there are plenty of spaces for kids to play. At ClinkNOORD we have a spacious atrium with mega Jenga, ping-pong tables and movie nights, as well as a galaxy room that houses karaoke evenings, pub quizzes and glow in the dark yoga!

3. Self-catering

When travelling with a family a great way to save cash is to skip the dining out and opt for making your own munch. Cooking with local ingredients can be great fun and opting for a self-catering means you’ll have more money for mischief,  activities and adventures. At ClinkNOORD we have a guest kitchen with all the mod cons, perfect for families on a budget and affordable breakfast and meal options.

4. Budget-friendly

If you’re looking for a family getaway that won’t break the bank then hostels should be your go-to. As well as a wallet-friendly on-site bar and cafe, ClinkNOORD boasts loads of affordable, private 4 and 6 bed-dorms, both with ensuites or shared facilities and each bed comes with a built-in USB slot and reading light! Oh, and P.S. kids love bunk beds more than fancy hotel rooms – fact!

Check out the prices for our dorm rooms here! 

And that is that, the top 4 reasons why you should stay in a hostel with your family. If you have any more questions about what it’s like to stay in a hostel with a family then please get in touch, our team are happy to help!

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Want to travel but concerned about COVID?

If you’re super keen to get back out on the road but have concerns about Covid-19 then don’t fear. ClinkNOORD has been approved for the Shield Safety “Safe To Trade” scheme. This is the only COVID-19 assured system recognised by local Government and has been developed in conjunction with Government Agencies. If you want to read more about our Covid-19 saftey measures then click here.