These are trying times. Nearly all of us our on lockdown or social distancing – if you’re not, we’re very jealous. But don’t fear, Clink is here with some top tips on how to keep the boredom at bay during these uncertain times. Although we would much rather be out galavanting across the globe without a care in the world, unfortunately, we can’t.

We promise you, staying in doesn’t have to be boring! Check out our top tips on how to make the most of self-isolating below. It’s time to get creative.

1. Catch up on TV

Millennials sure know how to binge-watch TV. But with so many great shows like Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad and Dexter, can you really blame them? Being in self-isolation is the perfect time to catch up on all those shows you have missed. Here are a few of the Clink’s team faves:

The Office (UK & Us Version)
Sex Education
Friday Night Dinner
Brooklyn 99

The Sinner
Stranger things
Lock & Key
Peaky Blinders

Queer eye
Love Island
Tiger King
Celebs Go Dating

Game of Thrones | Top things to do in self isolation | Clink Hostels

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2. Get into baking

Although it might seem like an activity reserved for the older generations, baking is actually pretty awesome and very satisfying – assuming you don’t burn the house down in the process. Plus, who doesn’t love tucking into a freshly baked tray of gooey cookies or chocolate brownies? Yum! There’s no end of articles and great videos on YouTube to help you hone your culinary skills. It’s time to start ‘pudding’ in the work and get ‘cracking’.

We would love to see your creations, no matter how Instagram friendly they may be, so send them over to us on Instagram or Facebook. 

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3. Do a home workout

You’ll be surprised how easy it is to get a sweat on within the confines of your own home. You don’t need much in the way of gym gear, just a small space that you can move about in, a 2×2 square meter space will do. Just make sure you remove anything valuable before you start doing burpees in the lounge. If you don’t fancy working out alone, why not video call one of your friends and be virtual gym buddies together? Again, YouTube is your friend when it comes to home workouts. Stuck for motivation? Check out Joe wicks Daily P.E sessions.

4. Learn a new skill

There’s never been a better time than now to learn a new skill. With all this extra time on your hands stuck indoors, learning a new skill is a no brainer. Not only does learning a new skill stop you from getting bored, the process of overcoming a new challenge is also great for your wellbeing. A few weeks down the line you could be heading back out into the world fluent in a new language, a dab hand at the jazz flute or an expert in the art of moonwalking. Que the Michael Jackson tunes.

5. Make a travel bucket list

Yep, it sucks being stuck indoors and not being able to go on holiday, but it doesn’t mean you can’t plan future trips or dream up epic travel itineraries. Remember, at times like these, positivity is the key. Although it’s uncertain when travelling will be back to normal, being in isolation is a great time to make your travel bucket list. Get on your computer, do some research and see what adventures you can find.

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If you’re looking for travel ideas make sure you check out our city guides. 

6. Get your DIY on

No doubt there’s plenty of odd jobs you’ve been putting off for months. Whether it’s giving your lounge a lick of fresh paint or fixing the kitchen sink, a spot of DIY is good for the soul. Dig out the old tools, paintbrushes and dust sheets from the loft and get stuck in! If you’re new to the world of DIY, make sure you educate yourself before you start refurbishing or you might end up flooding your house! A power drill can be quite destructive when in untrained hands.

7. Video call your friends and family

Whilst we’re being advised to stay away from our friends and family, a great way to keep contact and stop yourself going crazy is by having a video call with your pals. Although nothing beats real human interaction, a call with your friends and family will certainly raise your spirits. Thank the lord for digital technology! If there’s a group of you that want a chat at the same time, we recommend creating a free Zoom account or downloading the House Party app.

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8. Read a book

Now is the time to read that book that has been tucked away on your bookshelf and gathering dust for years. Get inspired by a juicy bit of non-fiction, dive into a thrilling drama or escape to a fantasy world for a few hours. If you’re not a big fan of reading books you can always check out some more of our city guides here.

Reading | Top things to do in self isolation | Clink Hostels

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So there we have it, our top tips on what to do when self-isolating. It’s not every day that you get so much time to yourself so try and make the most of it. The good times will be back soon. Stick in there, stay positive and stay productive!  Don’t forget to check out our Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube for more travel content.

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