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a bike and red bus on a main street in london

101 Guide to Safe Cycling Around London

July 19, 2023

Cycling around London is a great way to soak up the sights, save a few pennies and help save the planet. So it’s no wonder that new cycle lanes and car-free zones are popping up all over the capital. From politicians and policemen to Deliveroo food couriers and fashionistas, it seems everyone is jumping on the cycling bandwagon. There are in fact more people cycling around London today than ever before in history. Good work London!

Whether you are heading into central for a shopping trip or simply out on an adventure, cycling is a great way to get to the city. It can also save you money, and time from being stuck on a stuffy tube train.

This guide will show you all the basics of cycling around London, some of the safest cycle routes and a few tips on how to cycle savvy. First back to basics…

Get some practice

A lot of roads in central London have been upgraded to make more space for cyclists but if you manage to take a wrong turn and find yourself in the middle of the main road, you’ll want to know how best to stay safe!

Although there are more cycle lanes in London than ever before, as well as heaps more people opting for peddle power, it’s still a good idea to get some practice in before heading out onto busy roads.

Cyclists on the streets of London

Source: TLF London

Best places to cycle in London safely

Across London, there are loads of parks and cycle trails which are great places for safe cycling. If it’s been a while since you hopped on a bicycle, we suggest getting some practice at one of the below:

For more cycle routes check out the: TLF CYCLE MAP

Cyclists and pedestrians

Source: Visit London

Cycling in London tips

Once you have finished practising it’s time to head out onto the roads. Just remember to stay safe and get yourself a helmet, a light, and some reflective clothing if you’re planning to travel at night.  Have a glance at our top safety tips for cycling in London below:

  • Ride away from the kerb
  • Regularly glancer over your shoulder to check for traffic
  • When waiting at a junction position yourself in the middle of the lane
  • Use hand gestures to let others know when you are turning
  • Expect the unexpected
  • Plan your route
Cyclists at a traffic junction

Let’s Recap!

So there you have it, our top tips for cycling around London.  Don’t forget, cycling really is a great way to see London and help save the planet. If you stumble across any great cycling routes then make sure you get in touch with us on Instagram and Facebook.

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