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chinese new year celebrated with lanterns

Cheap Eats to Celebrate Chinese New Year in London

July 21, 2023

If you’re looking for somewhere to celebrate Chinese New Year in London, or you’re just looking for somewhere tasty to eat whilst you’re in the city, check out our guide to the best Cheap Chinese Restaurants in London … From the traditional to the trendy, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

1. The Duck and Rice

Why go? For comforting and classic Chinese dishes combined with the best elements of a great British pub How much?££ – £££

The Duck and Rice menu is designed around comfort and sharing. The dishes you’ll find on the menu wouldn’t be out of place on the tables of family homes across China and other parts of Asia. Diners at the duck and rice will be pleased to find a lively and welcoming atmosphere and authentic, aromatic smells wafting through the air. There are some expensive items on the menu but if you stick to the lower bracket, you shouldn’t come off too badly.

We recommend the gorgeously sticky cashew chicken and the perfectly tender beef and broccoli. And don’t forget to try the prawn toast which is packed so full of juicy prawns that it’s twice the height of a normal serving. The vegetarian options are also great here with dishes like sweet and sour mock duck and black pepper mock chicken both hitting the spot.

The Duck and Rice combines the best elements of a British pub with authentic Chinese cuisine which, in our books, makes it a cracking place to spend Chinese New Year in London 2019.

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Bowls of Chinese food at The Duck and Rice

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90 Berwick St Soho W1F 0QB PLAN YOUR ROUTE

2. Ping Pong Dim Sum

Why go? For its buzzy atmosphere and ever reliable dumplings How much? ££

Ping Pong Dim Sum have got restaurants all over the city, so you’ll be able to get your dumpling fix wherever you might be during Chinese New Year in London. With modern interiors, a lively atmosphere and plenty of space for big groups you’ll always guarantee a good time at Ping Pong Dim Sum.

‘Dim Sum’ is a Cantonese term which means a light weekend meal (although you can, of course, eat Dim Sum any day of the week) and includes crowd-pleasing bites like dumplings, steamed buns and rice rolls.

Ping Pong Dim Sum have a special menu running for Chinese New Year Celebrations in London. We love the sound of the chorizo fire cracker spring roll and experience the giant soup dumpling. You can check out the menu here. If you’re planning to join in the Chinatown celebrations, then we recommend a visit to the Soho branch of Ping Pong Dim Sum.

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Ping Pong Dim Sum Soho 45 Great Marlborough St Soho, London W1F 7JL PLAN YOUR ROUTE

Inside the restaurant of Ping Pong Dim Sum in Soho

Image credit:

3. Little Lamb

Why go? Because their big broths are like a hug in a bowl
How much? ££

Little lamb specialises in big hearty hot-pots in an informal setting. A large pot of broth is placed in the middle of the table and you and your fellow diners are welcome to choose up to five ingredients that you submerge into the pot to cook, each for a set price of £25.

The quality of the food is good at Little Lamb, and they’ve got a decent selection of ingredients for dipping in your pot. The broths are tasty – although be careful if you order the spiciest one as they don’t mess around with the chillies here!

If you’re looking for a place to celebrate Chinese New Year in London, or you’re just looking for a tasty bowl of food to enjoy with friends, Little Lamb is a good option. Round up some new mates at Clink and head on over.

Tel +44 20 7287 8078 to book

Little Lamb 72 Shaftsbury Avenue W1D 6NA PLAN YOUR ROUTE

Good to know: We’ve done our best to recommend spots that aren’t going to blow your budget, but do bear in mind that prices can get high for speciality dishes in Chinese restaurants. So, order wisely and ask if they have any set menus which can be a great option for those on a tight budget.

Large pot of broth at Little Lamb

Image courtesy of

4. My Neighbours The Dumplings

Why go? Because we just can’t get enough of those little parcels of deliciousness How much? ££

This one is well out of China Town but if you’re looking for something a bit different to the more traditional Chinese restaurants of that area, it’s well worth venturing to the trendy Lower Clapton Road in East London where you’ll find ‘My Neighbours The Dumplings.’

Its slightly shabby but glamourous interiors are well suited to the hipster clientele you’ll find sitting around its communal tables. But it’s not all smoke and mirrors here – the food lives up to the hype. Their delectable selection of dishes includes hand-crafted dumplings (of course), slow baked aubergine dressed with seeds and sesame paste and wonderfully aromatic steamed fillet of Sea Bass with coriander oil, ginger and soy.

Traditional Chinese it is not – you’ll find influences from all over Asia at MNTD – but if you’re looking for some genuinely delicious food in a trendy and buzzy place to celebrate Chinese New Year (or at any time really) this is for you.

No bookings taken, arrive early or expect to wait at busy times!

My Neighbours the Dumplings165 Lower Clapton Road E5 8EQ PLAN YOUR ROUTE

Image credit:

Rustic dining area in My Neighbours The Dumplings

Image credit:

6. Hung’s

Why go? To fill your belly with delicious Chinese food after a night on the town How much? £ – ££

If you’ve been celebrating Chinese New Year in London with a night out on the town, then this one is for you. Open from 10am until 4am, Hung’s caters to late night revellers emerging from the bars and clubs of Central London and Soho who are looking for some tasty food to fill their bellies and (hopefully) prevent a serious hangover …

For a late-night joint, however, the quality is pretty good. As you can see from the ducks on display in Hung’s Window, BBQ meats are the speciality here. However, they do all the Cantonese classics too, and tasty noodle soups. Pick whatever takes your fancy. Of course, you don’t need to visit in the wee small hours. Hung’s welcomes customers for breakfast, lunch and dinner so head over whenever works for you.

Hung’s 27 Wardour Street W1D 6PR PLAN YOUR ROUTE

Shop front of Hung's Chinese restaurant

Image courtesy of

6. Baozi Inn

Why go? For a delicious, modern and affordable take on Northern Chinese Street Food How much? £ – ££

Since opening in 2018, Baozi Inn has made a real mark on the Soho food scene. This buzzy eatery specialises in baozi dumplings, Northern Chinese street food and a few Sichuanese and Shanghainese dishes thrown in for good measure. The menu is mainly made up of small plates which are designed to be shared – a great approach in our book as it gives you a chance to try more of the tasty morsels on offer!

If you’re looking for a real bargain then the Baoz Inn offers a great value set lunch for just £8.90 which includes a meat / vegetable main course, two cold dishes from the chef’s suggestions of the day and a bowl of the their award-winning jiaozi dumplings in broth. Celebrate Chinese New Year in London at the Baoz Inn and you’ll leave feeling very well-fed and happy.

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Baozi Inn 24 Romilly St Soho W1D 5AH PLAN YOUR ROUTE

Plate of Chinese food at Baozi Inn

Image credit:

7. Y Ming

Why go? For good value Classic Cantonese dishes and friendly service How much? ££

Sitting just outside Chinatown, you’ll find less tourists and more locals at Y Ming – always a good sign. If you’re looking for a good quality Chinese restaurant to that doesn’t try and re-invent the wheel, then Y-Ming is an excellent choice. Their menu has all the usual Cantonese classics along with a few regional specialities like Tibetan lamb with chilli and peanuts, Dongan Chicken from Hunan and Northern style prawns.

The wait staff at Y Ming are friendly and helpful and will be more than happy to help you find your way around the menu – something that can be a little overwhelming at Chinese restaurants.

There’s a great set menu for just £15 and, if you’ve still got a bit of room after your main courses, we’d recommend indulging in one of their special deep-fried Mars Bars … not what you’d expect at a Chinese restaurant for sure, but absolutely delicious all the same. If you’re looking to go for Chinese New Year in London, we’d definitely recommend booking.

Tel +44 20 7734 2721 to book

35-36 Greek St Soho W1D 5DL PLAN YOUR ROUTE

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