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The Best Vegan Restaurants in Amsterdam

July 13, 2023

Over the last few years, plant-based diets have grown in popularity. Existing restaurants are adapting their menus to cater to vegan palettes and new, vegan-friendly eateries are making their way into the market.

From falafel burgers, chickpea curries, and beetroot burgers to vegan pastries, the opportunities are quickly growing and so, we wanted to put them to the test. We’ve created a sought-through list of the best vegan restaurants in Amsterdam to cater to all of our plant-based foodies or those wanting to grab a healthier bite to eat. Take a look at our top vegan restaurants in Amsterdam.

1. Maoz

Food choices at Maoz, a chain of vegan restaurants in Amsterdam
Image courtesy: Maoz

Try this vegan restaurant in Amsterdam for their Mediterranean dishes

Opened for the first time in 1991, Maoz is a chain of vegan restaurants in Amsterdam where you can find mouth-watering dishes made of falafels and fries, mushroom shawarma or fried aubergines. Vegan-friendly and affordable, make sure you find the nearest Maoz restaurant for a snack in the city.

Muntplein 1 – open daily 11am-1am, Damrak 40 – open 11am-2am, Leidsestraat 85 – open 11am-1am

Find the menu here

2. Flower Burger

Colourful burger at Flower Burger Amsterdam
Image Courtesy:

Try this vegan restaurant in Amsterdam for their original rainbow-coloured buns Flower Burger is the first vegan fast food in the world serving colourful burgers and offering a culinary experience open to everyone. Check out Its venues across the world, reflecting playful kaleidoscopic graphics and exuding warmth and cheerful vibes. One of the biggest reasons for Flower Burger’s rapid growth, apart from its unique, colourful, and mouth-watering offerings, is that it is a 100% natural and plant-based fast-food concept. The buns come in a variety of popping colours that range from turmeric’s vivid yellow colour to the violet tones of the cherry and the purple of black carrot extract. Whether you’re vegan or not, you need to try this new creative vegan restaurant in the centre of Amsterdam!

Flower Burger, Hartenstraat 29H, 1016 CA Amsterdam, Netherlands

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3. Dutch Weed Burger Joint

Outside dinning at Dutch Weed Burger Joint
Image courtesy:

Visit this place to taste one of the best vegan burgers in Amsterdam

At the Dutch Weed Burger Joint, they believe that plant-based food culture is the key to changing the world. Whether you agree or not, this burger joint is a unique, quirky place to grab something slightly different. Founded by vegan cookbook writer and chef Lisette Kreischer, the seaweed-based restaurant is a burger bar with a difference. Unlike their beef counterparts, the burger patties at this restaurant are made entirely from seaweed, making them tasty, healthy and sustainable. Plus, the vegan restaurant also serves a series of other delicious seaweed and algae-based dishes including Sea Nuggets, Seawharma and the Dutch Weed Dog. There are lots of options to choose from and with Amsterdam being a unique city itself, embrace it and ask yourself, why not just try it?

The Dutch Weedburger, Nicolaas Beetsstraat 47, 1053 RJ Amsterdam

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4. Vegan Junk Food Bar

Burgers and chips at the Vegan Junk Food Bar
Image courtesy:

With three outlets dotted all over the city, this vegan fast-food style restaurant is taking Amsterdam by storm. Often when people go plant-based, they can feel they might miss out on the greasy grub so many of us enjoy: burgers, chips, sweets, chocolate and many other junk foods. However, this entirely plant-based chain isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of vegan food. Their junk food does away with the myth that all vegan food is healthy. Say goodbye to falafel and hummus and say hello to Loaded Freak Fries and Double Plant-Based Burgers. We recommend the Notorious Sumo 3.0 – a “chicken” style burger in a scary yet captivating charcoal bun! 

Vegan Junk Food bar,Staringplein 22, 1054 VL Amsterdam Marie Heinekenplein 9, 1072 MH, Amsterdam Book your table here

5. Mr and Mrs Watson

Window frontage of Mr and Mrs Watson plant-based food bar
Image courtesy: The Green Happiness

Try this vegan restaurant in Amsterdam for some of the world’s best vegan cheese

Renowned for its selection of homemade vegan cheese, this upmarket food bar is one of the latest and greatest Amsterdam vegan restaurant establishments. You don’t have to take our word for it – they’ve been voted for many awards over the years including bagging the title “Nicest Restaurant in Amsterdam” in 2019. Mr and Mrs Watson’s award-winning vegan cheese is made in exactly the same way as conventional cheese, except they use plant-based ingredients instead of milk. So, for every plant-based foodie who shed tears at the thought of not eating Cheddar, Red Leicester or Brie ever again, you’ll no longer be missing out. The restaurants also boast a list of vegan wines and even vegan furniture so you can fully immerse yourself in a fine-dining vegan experience.

Although the dishes can be a little pricey, we think this restaurant is definitely worth a visit. For a great introduction to vegan cheese, we recommend trying the cashew fondue. Who doesn’t love dipping crispy bread into melted cheese?

Mr and Mrs Watson, Linnaeuskade 3h, Amsterdam Book your table here

6. Vegabond

People sat ouside the window of Vegabond lunchroom and grocery store
Image courtesy: vegabond.n

Visit this vegan restaurant for unique shopping and eating experience

Both an intimate lunchroom and grocery store, Vegabond is a one-stop stop shop for the best vegan food. From yummy wraps and juices to decadent doughnuts and vegan cheese, you can be sure to find something to enjoy. If you don’t fancy eating in their lunchroom but still want to try some vegan food then why not visit their grocery store and grab a few things to cook yourself back at ClinkNOORD. The choice is yours. Plenty of their choices are loved by vegans and non-vegans alike, with their homemade, Raw “Snicker” bar giving all sweet treats a run for their money.

Vagabond,Leliegracht 16, 1015 CK Amsterdam

Check the menu here

7. Alchemist Garden

Don’t miss this vegan restaurant in Amsterdam for a taste of extreme raw vegan food

Last but not least on our list of the best vegan restaurants in Amsterdam, is the Alchemist Garden. Specialising in raw and organic vegan food, this cafe’s offerings are at the extreme end of the veganism scale. But don’t let that stop you. The dishes are delicious, healthy and guilt-free, as long as you don’t eat too much – it’s hard not to! Located just a stone’s throw from Vondelpark, this cafe is the perfect pit stop for a bite to eat when enjoying a day at the park or fancying a snack on the journey back to ClinkNOORD. However, we love to take an hour or two to sit at the outside tables and tuck into the vegan quiche or lasagne.

The Alchemist Garden,Overtoom 409, 1054 JP Amsterdam

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8. H/eart.h

Sitting area in The Fork vegan restaurant in Amsterdam
Image courtesy: The Fork

Don’t miss this vegan restaurant in Amsterdam for their music events

Located on the east side of Amsterdam, the vegan restaurant H/eart.h offers well-executed vegan-led dishes like zesty “rawvioli” of red beet with chive “cheese” and caramelised onion, comforting broccoli gnocchi with a creamy sauce of sun-dried tomatoes, silken tofu and cashew garlic “cheese” and much more. Don’t miss out on their live jazz music events, or gather around to listen to DJ beats while nursing a local craft beer, gin & tonic or a glass of natural wine.

H/eart.h, Camperstraat 26H, 1019 AG Amsterdam Book your table here

9. TerraZen

Plate of food from TerraZen a Japanese / Caribbean fusion vegan restaurant
Image courtesy:

Book this vegan restaurant for its 100% vegan fusion cuisine

TerraZen is a Japanese/Caribbean fusion vegan restaurant located on a quiet side street between Centraal Station and Magna Plaza. At TerraZen you can find a variety of cultures, reflecting the nationalities of the married-to-each-other owners, and meals such as the vegan food BTL, the vegetable sushi rolls and the savoury Japanese pancakes. Don’t miss out on their traditional 100% vegan roti with mild or medium curry!

TerraZen, Sint Jacobsstraat 19HS, Amsterdam

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10. Koffie ende Koek

Plant-based cafe, Koffie ende Koek, is fast becoming a vegan favourite in Amsterdam. The cafe’s homely vibe and super tasty vegan pastries make it the ideal place to introduce sceptics to delicious plant-based foods. Plus, they change their bakes to suit seasonal changes, so you know you’re getting a fresh, tasty treat to suit the time of year and your tastebuds.

We recommend grabbing a takeaway coffee, and a vegan pastry and heading to the beautiful Westpark to relax and enjoy. The park is located just a few minutes walks away from the cafe and is beautiful all year round – rain or sunshine!

Koffie ende Koek, Haarlemmerweg 175, 1051 LA Amsterdam

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To Conclude

As you can see, there are plenty of great vegan restaurants in Amsterdam to suit your taste buds. Go explore, eat and enjoy these plant-based eateries. Whether you’re looking for the tastiest vegan burger, vegan fine dining, a quaint vegan cafe or a vegan breakfast for the best start of the day, we’ve got you covered. 

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