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Inside Oedipus Brewery in Amsterdam

10 Cute & Fun Date Ideas in Amsterdam

March 30, 2023

Dating in the Dutch capital? Make sure you check out Clink’s guide and discover some cute and fun date ideas in Amsterdam! Happy romancing you lovely people …

1. Hire a tandem bicycle and explore the city.

Why is it a good idea for a date? Teamwork is a great way to get to know your date and test out your compatibility. If you can’t cycle around Amsterdam together without falling off or getting lost, it’s doubtful there will be wedding bells any time soon.

Ranked as the most cycle-friendly city in the world, Amsterdam is perfect for cycling in tandem. Simply head to one of the many bike rental stores and opt for the double seated option. Once you have your bike you are free to navigate the city. Just be careful of the tram tracks, they are the exact same size as a bike wheel so are perfect for getting stuck in! Find the best cycling routes in our guide to cycling in Amsterdam.

2. Win them over with wine

Where? Pazzanistraat 10

Why is it a good idea for a date? A nice glass of wine (or two!) always helps to ease the nerves and help the conversation flow a little easier…

What better way to start a date than with a couple of casual glasses of wine in a beautiful and relaxed setting? Tell your date to meet you at Wester Wijnfabriek where you’ll find a veritable wine oasis. There, he or she will be wowed by a selection of over 70 wines by the bottle and 15 by the glass. We suggest arriving late afternoon and whiling away a few hours whilst sampling a few of the small bites. If all goes well (and why wouldn’t it, you charming thing you) you’ll have the whole evening ahead of you…


The bar at Wester Wijnfabriek in Amsterdam

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3. Show them your literary side

Where? Amstelveenseweg 53

Why is it a good idea for a date? With poetry, performances and delicious cocktails, you’ll be sure to always have something to talk about!

If you want to look like you’re really in the know about all that’s hip and happening in Amsterdam, then take your date to new hotspot Labyrinth in Amsterdam South. It’s totally unique! Plan your date right, and you’ll be able to catch one of their regular poetry and spoken word nights, which will provide you and your date with some top class entertainment which you can talk about over dinner. They call it ‘soulfood.’ We call it bloody delicious!

Check out their schedule so you can time your date to perfection.


Inside Labyrinth in Amsterdam

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Coming to the city with friends? Read our guide to fun things to do in Amsterdam!

4. Start feline the love

Where? Kattencafe Kopjes, Marco Polostraat 211

Why is it a good idea for a date? Cats to stroke, coffee to drink, what’s not to love?

If your date is an animal lover then this date location is super cute and sure to be a hit. For just €3 you can enjoy up to two hours in this feline paradise, where 9 cats wander freely and love to cuddle. If you’re hungry, there’s a selection of tasty cakes, sweet treats and light lunches on offer.


Inside Cafe Kopjes in Amsterdam

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5. Eat your way around De FoodHallen

Where? Bellamyplein 51

Why is it a good idea for a date? With over 20 street food vendors, there’s no need to worry about whether your date will like the food!

Not sure what food your date is into? Then De FoodHallen is the perfect choice! Take your pick from a wide selection of passionate street food vendors, offering everything from Greek meze to juicy burgers and wood-fired pizzas. With plenty of tables and perches and a lively atmosphere, it’s a relaxed and informal choice that should put your date at ease. If all goes well, head next door to FilmHallen, where the two of you can settle in to watch a movie.


Inside De FoodHallen in Amsterdam

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6. Picnic in Vondelpark

Where? Vondelpark

Why is it a good idea for a date? There’s just something very romantic about al-Fresco dates, especially if they involve wine, cheese and a checked blanket!

Amsterdam has some beautiful green spaces that are perfect settings for a date, especially when the sun is shining. Impress your date by picking up a selection of nice cheese, olives, cold meats and some freshly baked bread. Renzo’s, a traditional Italian deli, is a great bet and just a few minutes cycle from Vondelpark. Bring a bottle of something to share, for extra brownie points!

Top tip: Don’t forget cutlery, napkins and cups. Taking turns at swigging from a bottle of bubbly may leave your date feeling a bit deflated.


People having a picnic in Vondelpark

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7. Unleash your inner kid at this old-school arcade

Where? Polonceaukade 27 (West) Sint Annendwarsstraat 6 (Centre)

Why is it a good idea for a date? Because reminiscing about the 90’s always makes for a good time

If your date is a bit of a gamer then wow him or her with your unique choice of date at Ton Ton Club! Ton Ton has two locations, one central and one west. Head along to either and marvel at a massive collection of coin-operated machines, ready for you to take on! Best of all, the retro classics include two-player games like Bishi Bashi, Time Crisis and Dance Dance Revolution. So you and your date can get a little competitive, and then makeup afterwards…

Directions for Ton Ton Central

Directions for Ton Ton West

Inside TonTon Club in Amsterdam

Image courtesy of

Looking for more late-night activities? Here’s our list of things to do in Amsterdam at night

8. Break the ice with some comedy

Where? Rozengracht 117

Why is it a good idea for a date? Because what relationship can survive without a little laughter?

If you’re not a world-renowned comedian, then fear not! Boom Chicago puts on a host of comedy nights which are bound to set your date off on a fun and lighthearted note. Bear in mind, if you find yourself sitting near the front, you and your date may end up starring in the show!

Top Tip: Bear in mind if you find yourself sitting near the front, you and your date may end up starring in the show.


Inside Boom Chicago comedy club in Amsterdam

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9. Brew a little love

Where? Gedempt Hamerkanaal 85

Why is it a good idea for a date? Because you simply can’t go wrong with beer and burgers, especially when they’re this good

Jump on the free short ferry ride across the River IJ (or, if you’re staying at ClinkNOORD, you’re already on the right side of the river, you lucky thing!) and head to Oedipus Brewery and Taproom. Essentially located on the edge of a car park, don’t let it’s slightly unusual location put you off. Open every Thursday through to Sunday, the space is industrial yet homely.

You and your date can taste the freshest brews and the latest experiments from the Oedipus team. We wholly recommend grabbing a famous Kimchief burger to line those stomachs.

We recommend the Mama pale ale, it’s super tasty with citrus and hoppy tones.


Inside Oedipus Brewery in Amsterdam

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10. Escape the City

Where? Bloemendaal aan Zee

Why is it a good idea for a date? Because fresh air and adventure out of the city is good for the soul!

If you and your date fancy an excursion from the city, then Bloemendaal aan Zee is the place to head. This coastal gem boasts colourful hippy hangouts and regular beach parties in the summer. In the winter, wrap up and enjoy a romantic walk along the wild dune landscape with your date.


Sunset at Bloemendaal aan Zee

Image courtesy of

We hope our list of date ideas inspired you! For more nice places to visit with your date check our beautiful Amsterdam guide and for more restaurant ideas, here are the best places to eat in Amsterdam.

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