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a park beside some high rise buildings in london

Parks and Green Areas around Kings Cross and St Pancras

July 21, 2023

Like any big capital city in the world, it can seem like there is nowhere to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city streets, unless you dive into the closest bar, café or shop. Even then, it can be hard to find a quiet place to have a think. That is why the City of London work their hardest to keep as many hidden green spaces and parks in perfectly peaceful conditions for you to enjoy.

No matter where you are in London there is a green area or park within a stone’s throw. A lot of the time they are hidden between buildings and down small side streets. Kings Cross has many parks dotted around that you would never notice, unless you looked hard enough or if someone told you they were there.

Camley Street Natural Park

Around Kings Cross/St. Pancras Station there is a two acre park called Camley Street Natural Park. This nature reserve is hidden away in one of the most densely populated areas of London, situated on the banks of Regent’s Canal. Run by the London Wildlife Trust, the park was created from an old Coal Yard in 1984. The reserve provides a home for birds, butterflies, bats and a wide variety of plant life. Habitats include wetlands, woodland and meadow. With a new pedestrian bridge planned across Regent’s Canal, the park will become more easily accessible from the Coal Drops and the area north of the canal.

People sitting in Camley Street Natural Park near Kings Cross

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Joseph Grimaldi Park

Another great park in the Kings Cross area is the 1.2 acre Joseph Grimaldi Park, located on Pentonville Road, 5 minutes from Kings Cross Station. This recently refurbished park is great for just getting away from the busy streets or enjoying the activities area, which contains a tarmac ball park complete with football goals and basketball hoops. There is a variety of plants growing around the park, including Lime and Chesnutt trees, and the park is open every day from 8am until dusk.

Trees and green grass in Joseph Grimaldi Park near Kings Cross

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Holford Gardens

One of the closest parks to our hostel Clink78 is Holford Gardens which is located only 2 minutes away. Holford gardens are on the site where the last square was built in Clerkenwell and was part of the new river estate. The grounds were originally used in WW2 as a landing and take-off platform for balloons. Most of the square was destroyed during this period, due to a landmine. The area now has a Y-shaped block of flats, but this does not ruin the beauty of the area.

Spa Fields

A wonderfully busy park, again, very close to Clink78, is Spa Fields on Skinner Street, around 10 minutes away. This unique park can get quite busy during 12-2pm during week days, as a lot of business men and women like to have their lunch within this peaceful area. The park is also located right next to 3 Corners Centre and Adventure Playground, but Spa Fields has its own unique children’s play park and football/basketball court. The park is open from 8am until dusk and manned by a park keeper all year round, who is always happy to help.

Other Parks in London

There are many other parks around London that are great to visit, some you may have heard of and others you may not have known existed. Below is a list of London’s most popular parks that are a must see when in the Capital.

Footpath beside a lake in Hyde Park London

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