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Things to Do in London for Men – The Ultimate Guys’ Getaway

July 13, 2023

From pub crawls and speedboat tours to beer tasting and go-karting, there’s no shortage of things to do in London for men who want to have a good time. But as with any large city, finding out what’s hot and what’s not can be a little time-consuming. To make things easier for you and your motley crew of mates we have compiled the ultimate guide to a guys’ weekend in London.

Top tips for groups 

  • Book restaurants and activities in advance where possible to avoid disappointment on the day.
  • Avoid queuing in train stations and save some cash by booking a group travel card before you arrive.
  • Book your group travel card for London here.
  • Plan as much as you can before you arrive. London is a big place and it’s very easy to end up wandering around aimlessly. Check out our London travel guides.

Where to eat as a group

So… after weeks of failed attempts, you’ve finally managed to assemble the lads and you’ve made it to the city London. Hurray! That’s the hard part over. Now time for some fun. But first, you’re going to need some food to fuel your weekend’s antics.

Food Markets & Street Food

Food markets and street food stalls are a plenty in London and make for a great place to grab a bite to eat as a group. There’s usually no need to book a table and at most food markets and street food hot spots, there are loads of different stalls offering all sorts of food – which is great when traveling in a group as there is always one fussy eater! You can also usually count on street food markets to provide good bang for your buck too, which makes them perfect for groups on a budget!

Southbank Centre Food Market

Like any food market worth their salt, the South Bank Food Market offers an eclectic array of street food vendors, pop up bars and cafes – there’s no shortage of choice for hungry visitors. Although the vast majority of street food stalls here offer super tasty munch, for those looking for something a little different we recommend trying the classic Shrimpster, a shrimp burger in a soft brioche bun from shellfish experts, Shrimpy’s.

Opening hours

  • Friday 12 noon – 8pm
  • Saturday 11am – 8pm
  • Sunday 12 noon – 6pm
  • Monday (bank holidays only) 12 noon – 6pm


coffee and food markets in london
Image courtesy:

Box Park Shoreditch

If you fancy yourselves as a bunch of hipsters then Shoreditch Box Park is the street food haven for you. But don’t worry it’s not all avocado, craft ale and Falafel (although you can certainly find both here). This street food hot spot is home to over 30 different vendors, all specializing in a unique form of cuisine. From vegan Kebabs to Stone Baked Pizza – you can find it all at Box Park Shoreditch. There is also plenty of room for groups.

Opening hours 

  • Monday – Saturday 8 am—11 pm
  • Sunday 10 am — 10 pm (Times may vary depending on trader)


Camden Market

If you don’t want to venture too far from Clink78 or Clink261 then we recommend heading to the much loved Camden Market – just a short tube or bus journey away from Kings Cross. Not only does this market have a long and intriguing history, but also a whole host of fantastic food stalls, bars and street food vendors. There are literally hundreds of different food types to choose from in and around the Camden Market area and it’s all top notch.

Opening hours

  • Monday – Sunday 10 am – late (depending on the stall) 


Camden Market in London
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Eating Challenges

It’s well known that when traveling with a group of lads things can get a little boisterous and competitive. After all, you’ve probably not seen each other since last years guys trip away. What better way to kick off your guys’ weekend away than with a Man vs food challenge. On the upside even if you fail at least your stomachs will be well lined for the rest of the weekend!

In London, there’s a whole host of epic food challenges that even the most seasoned eaters would struggle to conquer. But with the power of ‘the lads’ behind you and not to mention a hint of peer pressure, there’s no telling what can be accomplished. Here are a few of our favorites.

The Tinseltown Diner Challenge Burger

On the scale of eating challenges, the Tinseltown Diner burger challenge is towards the more modest end of the scale – the perfect starting point for the competitive eating amateur. However, it’s still no small feat. The challenge consists of munching your way through four burger patties and two sides of fries.

The Two-Foot Sausage Roll at the County Arms

Nearly everyone loves a sausage roll and it’s easy to see why. Flavorsome sausage meat wrapped snugly in flaky, buttery pastry is a hard combo to beat. Put your love of this British classic to the ultimate test at The Country Arms and tackle your way through a monstrous two-foot long sausage roll.  That’s right two feet, the size of an average toddler. The challenge is as follows, eat the toddler sized sausage roll in under five minutes. If you manage this momentous task you win a T-shirt and of course, a heap of bragging rights!

The Red Dog Saloon Naga Viper Wings

Like to think you can handle some heat? Head to any London Red Dog Saloon with your group of friends and get stuck into some seriously hot chicken wings. Trust me, when we say hot, we mean hot! The challenge is simple, eat just six chicken wings and then go without a drink for five minutes. Sounds easy right? We should mention that the wings are coated in a sauce that reaches a staggering 1.6 million on the Scoville scale! Be warned, this challenge is certainly not for the faint-hearted.

chicken wings covered in sauce in a london restaurant
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Visiting London with a group of friends? Speak to our dedicated group team today who can help you to plan your stay!

Things to do in London for men

Go Karting

If all the competitive eating wasn’t enough, how about competitive driving? Find out who’s really the best behind a wheel and settle the score out on the go-karting track (loser buys the beers). Teamsport Indoor Go-Karting has a few establishments dotted across the capital so check out their website and find the track that is right for you.

Go Ape at Battersea

Most blokes like to think that they would do pretty well in SAS, well now it’s time to find out. Prepare to summon your inner Bear Grylls for this aerial trekking adventure. Pre-book your tickets now and separate the men from the boys at Go Ape in Battersea.

London River cruise

Looking to see London from a different perspective? Soak up the sights and meander your way through the city of London aboard a cruise ship with your and your pals. All aboard!

Table Tennis at Bounce

Put your ping pong skills to the test at London’s favourite ping-pong bar,  Bounce. The venue also offers some great cocktails and tasty wood oven pizzas. Bounce has two locations across London, one in Old Street and one in Farringdon.

a trendy bar with people dancing and playing table tennis
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A night out on the town

It is no secret that London is a great place for a guys’ night out. With so many different clubs, pubs and bars on offer, party-goers hitting up the UK capital are spoilt for choice. Check out a few of our favourite spots for a night out as a group below:


One for the cool kids and hipsters, Shoreditch is an area of London awash with cool bars, basement clubs, and warehouse raves. If you’re looking for an all-nighter then head to Trafik or XOYO, both big hitters in Shoreditch’s party scene. XOYO, 93 Feet East and Catch Bar are all also cool places to grab yourself a cocktail or two.

Camden Town

Over the years Camden has gained notoriety as a great place to let your hair down – particularly with fans of metal, punk, and alternative rock music. We recommend heading here if you’re looking to avoid chart music and reality TV wannabees. Barfly, Underworld (The Worlds End) and The Dublin Castle are all well worth a visit!


Soho boasts a whole host of legendary nightclubs and bars and is famed for being the beating heart of central London. One for the fashionistas and Instagramers this area of London is full of swanky clubs and fancy cocktail bars. Ronnie Scotts, Bar Italia, and Soho Residence are a few of our favourites.

night-club patrons enjoying a fun night out in london
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So there you have it, our guide to the ultimate guys’ getaway in London!

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